An Interview with ThemeFusion ($25M in Sales) [Interview]

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The Avada WordPress theme is hugely popular, racking up over $25 million is sales. And for good reason, with over two thousand options and the powerful fusion builder that let you make a perfect site for any need without any coding knowledge required.

Below is an interview with ThemeFusion, the team behind the highly successful theme, covering topics such as their history in the industry, how they got so popular, and their experience selling from Envato’s ThemeForest marketplace. There’s a lot more about the theme, the company, and succeeding in the WordPress market to unpack, so be sure to give it a read.

Recently, ThemeFusion hit the $25 million mark in sales on Envato’s Themeforest marketplace. This is a massive milestone for any company and one that needs to be celebrated. ThemeFusion is the team behind Avada, which has amassed over 450,000 sales and 21,000 5-star reviews on Themeforest, remaining the best-selling WordPress theme for 6 straight years – an incredible feat. Here’s an interview with them.

Read full article: $25M in Sales on Envato: A Q&A with Markus from ThemeFusion

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6 Steps to Building an Online Magazine to Start Earning Money [Guide]

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The internet is a great place for hosting a wide variety of content. Magazine style articles and news is a great example of this, and there’s plenty of tools and resources out there for building an online magazine about a wide variety of topics.

The article below will show you how to create one, taking you through the six main steps, from installing WordPress to choosing a theme, importing content, and more. It then goes through the best ways to monetize such a site to start bringing in income and make your investment worthwhile.

Online magazine websites are the go-to source for the latest news on a specific topic. Whether it’s food, entertainment, sport, business or even WordPress news, having a single source where you can browse articles and videos from multiple sources is a brilliant time-saver. If you can monetize that, what’s stopping you?

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How to Make Money with the GoDaddy Reseller Program

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The GoDaddy reseller program allows you to build up your own storefront, set your own prices, and earn a living selling GoDaddy services and products. It offers a great opportunity for building your own business, and Roel Zylstra is just one of the people who have been successful doing so.

The article below talks about his story, from what drove him to start his own business to how he found the GoDaddy reseller program, and ultimately how he made it into such a success. The article is geared toward helping you learn how to build a business with the reseller program as well by learning from his success, so be sure to check it out below.

Roel Zylstra didn’t join the ranks of small business owners fresh out of school. Like many entrepreneurs before him, he hung out his own shingle when he saw an opportunity and when circumstances forced his hand. Then Roel enrolled in GoDaddy’s early Reseller Program as one of the first few hundred to join.

Read full article: Building a successful online business with the GoDaddy Reseller Program

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How to Build a WordPress Affiliate Website

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Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money from a WordPress website. In fact, it’s entirely possible to build an entire affiliate website, designed specifically for marketing. But how do you build one, and how to you ensure it’s profitable?

That’s what the article below aims to help with. From how to start marketing, to building the right audience, and optimizing your website to maximize commissions, it has everything you need to know to ensure your affiliate website is a success.

Are you looking to build a profitable affiliate website? Or, do you already have an affiliate website that you want to optimize to boost your revenue? Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online. With the right strategy, you can optimize your website so that it attracts the right traffic, in turn bringing in more affiliate revenue to your table. In this article, we’ll show you how to build a profitable affiliate website using WordPress.

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Sell More Products & Grow Your Brand with Cross-Promotion

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Marketing and promotion is one of the most important aspects of getting product sales. Of course, you need a good product to sell, but no matter how great it is you won’t sell many if no one even knows about it.

One good way to go about promoting your product, is to promote others. The article below is all about cross-promotion, and how to use it effectively to boost your brand. It covers some of the benefits, how to choose your partners, how to go about the actual promotion, and more to help make your cross-promotion marketing a success.

With a continually changing eCommerce landscape, digital business owners must regularly adapt to keep the sales flowing – and cross-promotion remains an easy, effective, and time-tested strategy that is too often overlooked!

Read full article: Using cross-promotion to strengthen your digital product brand

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Grow Your Income Faster by Getting More Efficient with Building & Managing Client Sites

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Whether you’re looking to gain more income or more free time, or a bit of both, increasing your work efficiency is one of the best ways to do it. Highly efficient work increases your income per hour and gives you more flexibility in your work as a whole. But it’s easier said than done.

The article below will show you how to develop client websites using ManageWP. It talks in detail about five of the best features for optimizing site building and management, showing you how to use each one to boost your overall work efficiency.

Becoming more efficient at your work is a huge plus, especially if your job involves developing websites. You can pick up extra work if needed, and enjoy a feeling of satisfaction having completed your tasks quickly and accurately.

Read full article: How to Develop Client Sites Efficiently and Increase Your Income

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Plugin Developer Stories: YouLive by Szabi Kisded

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YouLive is a WordPress plugin designed to help you use your website to boost your video views by broadcasting them from your WordPress site straight to your YouTube channel as a live broadcast.

The creator, Szabi Kisded, talks about the plugin in the interview below. They cover the plugin’s functions in more detail and how the project got started, and well as a few of the challenges and decisions that were made along the way. He closes with a bit about what else he has in the works, and what’s planned next for the YouLive plugin.

Szabi Kisded is the developer of YouLive which is a plugin to help video content creators integrate their broadcasts into their WordPress sites. Szabi talks about how they got their start with WordPress, the decision to sell the plugin through CodeCanyon and general advice on developing and promoting WordPress plugins.

Read full article: YouLive by Szabi Kisded

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20 Ways to Get More WordPress Web Design Clients [List]

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Obtaining clients is one of the trickier parts of running your own business. Things can be going great for a while, and then a lack of clients brings your business to a crawl. You need good ways to keep clients coming in to keep your business healthy.

Below is an article created based on a poll of over 600 WordPress consultants, asking how they go about getting design clients. It goes over the most common answers quickly, but the focus of the article is twenty of the more original and creative ideas they received for keeping those all important clients coming in.

I think we can all agree that one of the most stressful things about having your own business is bringing in new clients. Have you ever wondered how others are doing it and seem to be doing so well at it? We did too! So, we polled 640 WordPress consultants to get their top tips on how to find WordPress web design clients. You’re going to love these tips!

Read full article: 20 Creative Ways to Find WordPress Web Design Clients

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Interview with Rich Tabor Founder of ThemeBeans Theme Business & CoBlocks Plugin (Acquired by GoDaddy) [Interview]

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Rich Tabor is the creator of CoBlocks, a helpful set of content blocks made to help build amazing pages in the Gutenberg editor. He also runs a digital agency, a WordPress theme shop, and more. The next step for him is a senior project manager for GoDaddy.

In the interview below he covers various topics about his work, from the creation of CoBlocks to future business plans, and how its been making the move to working for GoDaddy. He closes with some advice for others looking ot build a business in the WordPress industry, so be sure to check it out.

Rich Tabor is taking CoBlocks and his other work to GoDaddy, where he’ll continue to development experiences for using WordPress with Gutenberg. Following the acquisition, Rich Tabor is transitioning to a new role now as Senior Product Manager of WordPress Experience with GoDaddy. In the past three years, Rich founded a digital agency, launched a popular PhotoShop resource site, and started ThemeBeans, a successful WordPress theme shop.

Read full article: “Become the best version of yourself.” An Interview with Rich Tabor

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10 Tips to Get Clients to Pay On Time [List]

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Freelance, web development, or other client-based businesses have a lto of appeal. However, one problem any of these face is delayed payments from your clients. There’s several reasons this can happen, but waiting days or longer to get money you’ve already worked for can be both frustrating and difficult to budget around.

While not everything is in your control, the article below will show you how to greatly increase the rate of timely payments. It goes through ten different tips one at a time, offering plenty of ways you can approach the problem. You can follow all ten or look through the list and find the solutions that best fit you and your clients.

It’s every business owner’s fantasy to have invoices paid on a timely basis: immediately upon receipt, without clients questioning the amount or delaying getting the funds together for even one day. If you’re wondering how to get clients to pay on time, we’ve got answers on how to make it happen.

Read full article: How to get clients to pay on time: 10 tips for web developers

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Want to Learn to Code?  Start Here.

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Coding is a useful and often rewarding skill, with a wide variety of applications. It gives you a lot of options in field, and has the potential to pay quite nicely as well. But if you’re unfamiliar with how to do it, the learning curve can be a little steep.

The article below aims to make it a bit easier by helping you decide what you want to do with your coding skills and what languages would be best to focus on. It then offers some suggestions for where to get started learning the code and building up your skills until you’re ready to take on higher level coding projects.

Congratulations! You’ve decided you want to learn to code. Whether it’s because you’re interested in tech, or you want a high-paying career — you’re in the right place. How do you learn to code? It’s a big question. And to be clear: There’s no one right answer. We’re here to help. We’ll walk you through how to get started learning to code for the web, how to set goals, how to pick a language, and how to stay motivated to keep learning.

Read full article: How to Learn to Code

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How to Create a Recurring Revenue WordPress Business (Real Life Example) [Interview]

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Recurring revenue is one of the major goals of online business, but it can be difficult to achieve. However, with the right approach, it isn’t out of reach. Suraj Sodha and his WPMaintain company is just one example of someone who’s pulled it off.

The podcast and article below tells the story of how he managed it, from who he is and the humble beginning of his career, all the way up to full-fledged WordPress company. There’s plenty to learn from his success, so check it out below.

WP Elevation alumnus Suraj Sodha tells the story of how he found great value (and profitability) in recurring revenue business models. But he didn’t stop at selling WordPress maintenance plans to clients. Suraj created WPMaintain, a WordPress maintenance company solely dedicated to providing top-notch after-care for website owners and other web designers.

Read full article: How Suraj Sodha Found Success in Recurring Revenue

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How to Setup an Affiliate Program for Your WordPress Plugin Business

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Marketing is an important part of selling any product, and it can oftentimes be tricky to know how to do it right. One important option to consider for marketing a WordPress plugin is setting up an affiliate program.

A properly run affiliate program has the possibility to benefit everyone involved, by getting your affiliates some extra income and you the sales you need. The article below will show you some of the best affiliate marketing plugins and platforms available and take you through the features and pricing of each to help determine which might be right for you.

So, you’ve finalized your newest WordPress plugin and are promoting it across all channels available to you. You’ve written about your plugin on your website. You have shared the breaking news on all of your social media networks. But there is more to be done. In fact, as a product creator, you should be thinking about setting up an affiliate program for your WordPress plugin.

Read full article: Ways to Setup an Affiliate Program for Your WordPress Plugin

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7 Web Certifications Increase Credibility & GrowYour Earnings [List]

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If someone is hiring you to do a job for them, particularly if they’re paying good money for it, they want some assurance that you’ll do the job well. A prior work history and client testimonials can help with this, but for web design another good option is a web design certification.

However, not every certification out there will be worth the time it takes to earn. The article below will take you through seven of the best for boosting your credibility, and your earnings with it, explaining a bit about each, their costs, and how to get started with each one.

Not every web design certification is created equal. Many are built for those new to design—students, new graduates, and people starting out with their first clients. Some are more technical, helping more experienced designers and developers understand specialized topics like front-end development frameworks and digital marketing tools. Others… well, let’s say some others just aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on. So how can you separate the wheat from the chaff?

Read full article: 7 web design certifications you can use to increase your hourly rate

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How to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing [Guide]

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Passive income is a great thing to have. It still takes work to set up, and to keep increasing your income rate, but your income isn’t limited to just the hours you spend working. One great way to bring in this kind of constant income is affiliate marketing.

The article below will explain what it is, how it works, and how to get started. It takes you through a seven step process to not only get accepted as an affiliate, but to do it well, track your progress as you go, and find areas to improve to keep your passive income coming in.

Affiliate marketing is about making money. Gobs of money. Money for doing nothing. At least that’s what a quick Google search would have you believe, but as usual, the truth is a little more complex than that. Yes, you can make money through affiliate marketing. Good money. And, yes, you can even make money while you sleep. Here’s how.

Read full article: How to Make Money While You Sleep With Affiliate Marketing

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The Ultimate List of Digital Products You Can Sell Online & Start Making Money

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Digital products have a lot of appeal, and a very large market. You can create something, put it up for sale, and sell any number of copies without having to worry about supply costs or manufacture for each one.

Whether you want to simply want to start an online store and haven’t decided what to sell, or have a passion for creating something you’re looking to monetize, the guide below will be of aid. It contains a massive list of just about every digital product you can sell, broken down into categories from software to video, art, courses, and so much more.

It’s the age of the digital product. If you’ve got a bit of passion and some skills or knowledge in a certain area, there’s probably a way to monetize it! Stuck for ideas? Here’s the ultimate list of digital products you can sell online.

Read full article: The definitive list of digital products you can sell

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How to Leverage the Lifetime Value of Members to Grow Your Membership Business

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A lot of the information you can find about running a membership site focuses on either drawing in new members, or dealing with membership churn. Both of these are important, but they aren’t all there is.

The article below focuses on long-term members, and the value they provide to your business over long periods of time. It talks a bit about retaining members for the long term, and how to grow a community around those members that benefits them, as well as the cumulative, continued growth of your membership website.

One of the best things about running a membership site is that your success isn’t necessarily all about the number of new sales you make, or even member churn. The truth is, your growth and success can be measured by the long-term value of your members – but what does that entail? In this post, we discuss the significance of long-term member value and how you can tap into it to maximize your membership results.

Read full article: Understanding the long-term value of your members

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Plugin Developer Stories: Edivently by Martin Shiderov

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Edivently is a WordPress plugin geared towards managing and selling online courses. Learning a wide variety of topics online is an increasingly popular choice, so online courses are a good business choice for people with a wide variety of skills.

Below is an interview with Martin Shiderov, the creator of the plugin, who answers questions about the creation process, marketing strategies, and other choices made along the way. He gives some advice to other plugin creators as well, before closing with a look into what’s planned for the plugin next.

Paid online training is a hot area for generating income these days. Edivently is a new plugin that turns any WordPress installation into a simple learning management system for building and selling online courses. Martin Shiderov, the creator of Edivently, was nice enough to answer my questions about starting his plugin (including picking the unique name), the challenges of building such a complete learning management system and his thoughts on using Envato to handle his sales.

Read full article: Edivently by Martin Shiderov

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Plugin Developer Stories: ACF Theme Code by Aaron Rutley

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An extension of the very powerful Advanced Custom Fields, the ACF Theme Code plugin generates code for you based on your AFC settings, adding database tables and more to the original plugin’s functionality.

To learn more about the plugin and the story behind it, check out the interview below with Aaron Rutley, one of its creators. He covers starting out, marketing, feature choices, and more before closing with a peek at what’s next for the ACF Theme Code plugin.

In my mind, Advanced Custom Fields is one of the most versatile and useful plugins for developers of WordPress. It’s a must install for practically every WordPress powered client job I’ve ever done. Aaron Rutley, and his business partner Ben Pearson, obviously feel the same way. They have built their own freemium plugin, called ACF Theme Code, that automatically generates code snippets for you based on your Advanced Custom Fields settings.

Read full article: ACF Theme Code by Aaron Rutley

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The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Travel Blog [Guide]

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Travel blogging is appealing to a lot of people. You get to write about interesting places, and you get to spend a lot of your time seeing those places for yourself. But starting one, like any website, can be tricky.

The article below will show you how to get started, covering major topics such as platform, setup, theme choice, content, SEO, and more. There’s a lot of content to help get you started on the right foot, and even some advice to help you start pulling in money from your efforts.

Do you want to start a travel blog but don’t know where to begin? Travel blogs are a popular medium to share your travels with not just family and friends but also with the rest of the world. In this guide, we will walk you through how to properly start a travel blog and even make money from it without any special technical skills.

Read full article: How to Start a Travel Blog (to Make Money on the Side) in 2019

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The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Web Design Contract [Guide]

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A contract can help ensure you get proper compensation for your web design work. If there’s no written agreement, it leaves the door open for people to exploit you. However, you need to make sure your contracts are well-designed to ensure they’re fair and reasonable to both parties, as well as easy to understand.

The article below is aimed at helping you achieve this by giving you a guideline on what to include and why, and some important elements of a strong contract. It also tells you some key things to avoid to make sure that your contracts are accurate and legally binding, ensuring they correctly serve their purpose for your business.

A web design contract protects you, your time, your bottom line and your sanity. As with any contract, a web design contract defines the business and legal relationship between you and your client, as well as the personal relationship concerning business practices, communication and interactions. Legally, it’s a mutually binding agreement, where each party makes commitments around deliverables and compensation for the work to create them. If either party fails to meet their commitments, the contract becomes the basis for possible legal action. Here’s how to do it right.

Read full article: How to create a web design contract that converts new clients into long-term customers

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How to Create Web Design Portfolio that Wins Clients & Close Deals

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A business needs clients to stay afloat. Even if you already have enough to keep you covered in work, sooner or later you’re likely to have to pursue more. While a lot goes into it, one of the first things to ensure you have right is your portfolio.

The article below will take you through the three most important steps for creating and maintaining a great portfolio that will help clients get a good understanding of what you do and why they would choose you for their work, making the whole client finding process run smoother for both of you.

A professional portfolio is key for seeking out new clients. What to include, how to present your work, and how often to update your portfolio are all important considerations that could set you apart from your competition, or leave a less-than-lasting impression on potential leads.

Read full article: How to Create and Maintain a Stellar Portfolio

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Fix Your Margins by Fixing Your Processes [Guide]

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Raising profit margins can be a tricky business. Sometimes you can just pick up some extra work or a higher paying client, but often times it isn’t that simple. Something you have to keep track of, and reduce, if you want to boost your profit margins, is waste.

The article below talks about various kinds of waste, money, time, resources, and how to reduce them by refining your process. It covered seven crucial mistakes to avoid with your refinement process to help make sure things go correctly and smoothly, and that your profit margins can start rising again in no time.

When your business is new, it’s easy to accumulate waste and not realise it. You lay down processes the best way you know how and then focus on charging full steam ahead – finding new clients, building a steady stream of revenue and making a name for yourself as a trusted WordPress expert. The problem is, when you’re so focused on what’s going on inside your business, you lose sight of the waste that surrounds you. Wasted money. Wasted effort. Wasted resources. The second you’re ready to scale your WordPress business, it’ll become painfully clear something has gone askew when your profit margins won’t budge.

Read full article: Boost Profit Margins by Refining Processes (the Right Way)

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How to Use Free Memberships to Grow Your Membership Business

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There’s a lot of ways to increase membership to your website, and ensuring that your members are getting their money’s worth is a crucial part of it. However, another strategy worth considering is giving a limited membership for no money at all.

Offering either free trials or a free membership tier can have a lot of benefits. The article below will take you through these, from increasing leads to gathering data and expanding your reach. If you’re interested in the idea and want to know how to do it right, be sure to give it a quick read.

It’s no secret that people are attracted to free stuff, and bringing in more traffic means more leads – and more opportunities to convert sales! But, when it comes to membership sites, having a free option provides benefits beyond the obvious.

Read full article: Free memberships: More than just lead generation

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The Importance of Profitability in Your WordPress Business

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For any business, making a profit is an important goal. Without a profit you can’t grow, and a stagnant business is in a dangerous position. But particularly for a new business, profit needs to be a high enough priority or you can run into trouble pretty quick.

In the podcast and article below, Mike Michalowicz talks about this in greater detail, sharing his own story and emphasizing the importance of prioritizing profits early. He then goes over the five foundational accounts to break your finances into to help you manage them correctly and ensure you’re in a position to keep your profits high.

When making the decision to launch a new business, you understand that you’re taking a big risk in doing so. Mistakes will inevitably be made along the way, but you hope your enterprise will be profitable before long. The reason why so many business owners fail to achieve this goal, however, is because they haven’t made profitability a priority, according to Mike Michalowicz.

Read full article: Mike Michalowicz and the Importance of Putting Profit First

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Why WordPress Freelancers & Agencies Should Consider Specializing & Niching

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Having a specialization can help you attract customers by giving you a way to stand out from the crowd. Moving into a niche isn’t without its challenges however.

In the podcast below, several business owners talk about their experience with finding a WordPress niche, and the challenges they’ve faced in the past year. They go into more detail about the benefits of specialization as well, and how to position yourself right into the desired niche.

Many WordPress freelancers and agency owners are specializing or finding a niche in their businesses, They discuss how they need to adapt and change to the WordPress climate. This is the first roundtable of Season 8 where Matt Medeiros, Jason Resnick, Sara Dunn, and Nathan Allotey discuss the changes in the WordPress community.

Read full article: Productized & niche business owners sound off on the changes of WordPress

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How to Get Rich [Guide]

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Getting rich, or at the very least making enough to easily and comfortably get by, is a dream a lot of people share. While nothing in guaranteed, the best way to make this dream real is hard work done right.

Below is an article containing every episode of the podcast series How to Get Rich, an interview with Nivi. There’s a write up as well covering every major point from across the series, covering topics such as setting goals, finding a career path, planning for the future, and so much more. The whole series is over two hours long, but the wealth of information contained makes it a worthy investment.

Naval is a prolific tech investor and founder of AngelList. We’re going to be talking about his thoughts on “How to get rich (without getting lucky).” We’re going to go through most of his thoughts in detail, give Naval a chance to expand on them and generally riff on the topic. He’ll probably throw in some ideas that he hasn’t even published before.

Read full article: How to Get Rich: Every Episode

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Free WordPress Website Audit Template

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From finances to security, keeping track of what’s going on on you website is crucial to avoiding problems down the line. Well; designed audits can help with this by presenting the information in an easy to understand way.

The link below contains several templates for creating WordPress audits for several different kinds of information, from theme info to security reports, SEO, and more. These template make managing an important part of running a website easier, so they may be well worth your time.

Follow the steps in this guide to provide an audit for your WordPress website clients. Copy the template to your favourite tool for presenting the information. Special thanks to Kristina Romero for originally putting this together.  This template was share on the Silence is Golden of WP Elevation.

Read full article: WordPress Website Audit Template

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Plugin Developer Stories: Tripetto with Maarten Behr

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Tripetto is a smart, visual builder for creating forms, surveys, and more for your WordPress websites. It has a lot of features and a wide variety of blocks to build with across its free and premium versions.

If you want to learn more about the story behind it, be sure to check out the interview below with Maarten Behr, one of the creators of the plugin. He answers questions about the origin of the plugin, various development decisions, and monetization choices, as well as giving a peek into the future of Tripetto.

Maarten Behr and his colleagues have built a pretty incredible platform for building smart forms and surveys that they call Tripetto. Originally released as an SDK for multiple development environments, Tripetto is now available as a standalone plugin for WordPress that lets users build logic heavy forms, surveys and a whole lot more with an easy to use visual editor.

Read full article: Tripetto with Maarten Behr

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Site Design Can Make or Break Your Membership Business – Here’s How to Do It Right! [Guide]

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The design of your website is about a lot more than just looking pretty, and while there are a lot of factors that go into member retention, a good design is one of the easiest things to overlook that can make or break your site.

The article below will take you through the most crucial aspects of a membership site’s design, from member areas to clear navigation and more, and explain how to do them right. A site that isn’t user-friendly has trouble keeping visitors around for long, never mind paying members, so be sure to give it a read.

There are many elements that contribute to member retention – from membership pricing, to the rate that you replenish your site with quality, fresh content. But when it comes to everyday use, your site design can truly make or break the member experience. Here’s how to do it right.

Read full article: Is your site design losing you members?

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Plugin Developer Stories: Kanban for WordPress by Corey Maass

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Kanban for WordPress is a plugin designed for communication and teamwork to help people and work groups stay organized by offering group boards, task assignments, time estimates and more.

The creator, Corey Maass, talks about it below in an interview covering how he got started, the future of the plugin, and some choices he had to make along the way. These include taking a demo approach to the premium plugin, and a monetization switch he made at one point along the way. If you want to know more about what goes into making a WordPress plugin successful, check it out below.

Kanban for WordPress is a communication and collaboration plugin to help individuals and teams stay organized as they work. The kanban method is very popular with software developers but it’s also suitable for content creators, marketers and any other type of person looking to improve their workflow and productivity. Corey Maass, the man behind Kanban for WordPress, was kind enough to answer some of my questions I had about the plugin. We discuss his background in SaaS, the demo system he uses for the plugin and his switch from an extension model to a simple single Pro plugin to generate revenue.

Read full article: Kanban for WordPress by Corey Maass

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Simple Giveaways: Turning a WordPress Plugin into a $500/mo Side Project

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Giveaways are a great way for different websites to pull in some extra attention and traffic. The Simple GIveaways plugin makes running them extremely easy, automatically choosing a winner for you and collecting a subscriber list while you’re at it.

Below is an interview with its creator, Igor Benic, who talks about how the plugin got started, how he built up a user base, his business and monetization model for the whole thing, and plans for the future of the plugin. He closes with a good bit of advice for people just starting out, so if you’re interested in making plugins yourself it’s well worth the read.

Simple Giveaways is my first “serious” endeavor. It’s a pretty simple product that collects email addresses and then uses an algorithm to select a winner for the giveaway, all while building up a solid subscriber list. It is used by many different industries.

Read full article: Converting My WordPress Solution into a $500/Month Side Project

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Plugin Developer Stories: WP SVG by Daryll Doyle

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There’s a lot you can do with scalable vector graphics, or SVG files, but they can be both difficult and dangerous to use with WordPress on their own. The WP SVG plugin, created by Daryll Doyle, aims to fix this by patching up security vulnerabilities and adding functionality to improve usability.

Below is an interview with the creator, where he talks about how he decided on the idea, how long it took to make, how he’s chosen to market it, and more. He gives some advice to new plugin creators as well, so be sure to check it out below.

I’m sure a lot of WordPress site owners and maintainers are unaware of the inherit security risks involved with the SVG file format. Daryll Doyle knows and he’s created a freemium plugin built on a custom library that sanitizes SVG files for WordPress. Daryll answered some of my questions about WP SVG, it’s free version and the sanitization library he wrote that powers the whole thing.

Read full article: WP SVG by Daryll Doyle

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How to Fix the Top 7 Problems When Selling Online [List]

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Running an online store can be a lucrative business, and WordPress offers plenty of tools to do it well. But that doesn’t mean everything is handled perfectly for you.

The article below will take you through seven of the most common problems online stores encounter, explaining likely causes and steps that you can take to fix the problem, or avoid it entirely. There’s a lot of helpful information to ensure that everything stays running smoothly, so it’s well worth the time to read.

Creating a successful digital product store is no small feat! We’ve written about common mistakes to avoid when launching your store, but what about the issues you may encounter while running it? As a digital product store owner, you want to be as forward-thinking as possible, anticipating problems before they arise, and being proactive to mitigate risk and complications. But sometimes, things just happen, life gets in the way, or competitors come out of the woodwork. While you can’t predict the future, you can make yourself aware of what to look out for to be as prepared as possible!

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Plugin Developer Stories: GamiPress by Ruben Garcia Canto

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Gamification is a useful tool for expanding user engagement and interest in your site, and the GamiPress plugin makes it easy. It handles points, achievements, and rankings, making them all a breeze to add into your WordPress website.

Below is an interview with Ruben Garcia Canto, a member of the team behind the plugin. He talks about how they started building plugins, marketing techniques, and the add-on business model and why they chose it for monetization. In closing, he provides a peak at the future of the GamiPress plugin, and what users can expect to see next.

Gamification is a popular method to increase user engagement, improve learning and build better organization inside of software products. It’s become very common with websites centered around education, personal fitness and other individual tracking applications. GamiPress brings the utility of gamification to any WordPress website. Website owners can setup a handful of points, achievements and ranks for their site that users can earn through whatever means the site operator sees fit. Ruben Garcia Canto, from Tsunoa, has taken the time to answer my questions about how they started building WordPress plugins, the early stages of GamiPress’ development and their marketing and pricing techniques for the product.

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What Kinds of Jobs Are Available in Tech?

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Tech development is one of the fastest growing areas of occupation, with thousands upon thousands of new developer jobs opening up all the time. But what kinds of jobs are they, exactly?

Software development breaks down into three broad categories: mobile applications, websites, and web applications. The article below details all three in further details, offering an overview of the different areas available and what kinds of tech jobs you might be most interested in pursuing.

1.3 million new developer jobs will be created in the next 10 years. No matter your background or previous experience, there’s never been a better time to start your journey toward one of these high-paying careers. But we get the question all the time: What kind of jobs are available? It’s a good question! For beginners, it’s not always easy to decide what job is going to be right for you. We put together this explainer to help you decide.

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How to Grow Your Business with Memberships

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For an existing business, it can sometimes be tricky to figure out how to grow and expand your revenue. You can keep doing what you’re doing and hope your business grows over time, but that isn’t always enough, sometimes you might need to add something to the mix.

One idea that works for a lot of different businesses is memberships. The article below explains why they work, and how to do a memship right by providing your members with valuable content that builds on your brand.

If you’re a digital business owner, you might be wondering what you can do to expand your brand and revenue. Enter memberships. Incorporating memberships into your existing business can transform the entire experience for you and your customers – from a more streamlined approach to things like payments and delivering content, to vertical scalability that enables you to grow your business to levels you might not have imagined. Not only that; the membership model is rapidly becoming the go-to business model in a fast-paced society that wants increasing efficiency, simplified payments, and regularly updated content. In this post we discuss some of the ways you can beef up your business with memberships so you and your customers can reap the rewards!

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How to Leverage Product Bundles to Sell More [Guide]

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There’s a lot of ways to ramp up sales for your digital products, from sales to increased marketing efforts, but one of the most potentially effective is creating bundles. They allow you to sell more products and get a bigger community around your brand, all while bringing in more revenue, and giving your customers more value for their money.

The article below is all about how to utilize these bundles in the most effective way for your business. Detailing topics such as how to pick products that are a good fit for bundling together and how to price these bundles, it’s full of information to help you sell product bundles right.

Bundles are one of the simplest ways to get more of your products into the inboxes of your customers, all whilst giving your customers the extra value they want. They usually contain multiple products that appeal to certain audiences, cover a specific area of interest or specialty, or offer an enticing variety of content. But, what else makes them so effective? Here’s how to do bundles right.

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Stop Making These 3 Top Freelancing Mistakes

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If you’re a freelancer, you’ve probably seen some tips here and there on how to make more money freelancing. The right techniques are important to have, but there are also a few things you need to be careful to avoid.

The articles below will take you through three of the most important freelancing mistakes not the make, and how to avoid them. More than a simple list of don’ts, it offers advice on what to do instead to keep your business running as smoothly as possible for a long time to come.

In the past year, my company has vetted more than 2,500 freelance writers. And before building out a team, I was a six figure-plus freelancer for sites like Kissmetrics, WordStream, AdEspresso and more. Point is: I know how to make money freelancing. I lived the three mistakes below, intimately understanding the problems and issues they cause when you’re trying to make money freelancing. And now I continue to see them played out in front of me by hard-working — yet misguided — freelancers. The silver lining? You don’t have to make these mistakes.

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Plugin Developer Stories: MalCare by Akshat Choudhary

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Security is a big deal for WordPress, as it is for any website. Keeping yourself, and the important data of anyone who uses your site, is a top concern. The MalCare plugin is a great help with this, by providing scans, protection, amd malware removal.

The creator, Akshat Choudhary, answers questions about the plugin in an interview below, from how he built the plugin to marketing, pricing, and more. He closes with some advice for future developers, and a glimpse at what’s to come for MalCare.

One of the leading causes of concern with most WordPress users is security. Any WordPress freelancer can tell you stories about hacked sites, vulnerable plugins and more that have caused problems for their clients. Akshat Choudhary saw the same problems as well so he decided to build a product to help address these issues. He was willing to answer my questions about MalCare, his WordPress security solution, including the hardest parts of its development, how he decided on his pricing structure and more.

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How Niching Your Business Can Make You a More Successful Freelancer

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Finding a niche helps you seperate yourself from the many others who offer the same of very similar services. It makes you stand out, and can help you reach certain kinds of clients. But how does it work exactly, and how do you do it right?

The article below is all about how to correctly niche your business to make you more successful. It talks about what a niche is exactly and dispels some misconceptions about the idea, explaining how to find a specific kind of client that would need to hire you and focus your marketing on attracting those customers.

“Choosing a niche,” or coming up with strong business positioning, is one of the most difficult exercises for many of the freelancers I’ve worked with over the years. I think they point to a big disconnect between what niching actually is and what niching is thought to be.

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Boost Your Sales by Selling on WooCommerce & Amazon Together

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The internet is a great place to sell products. If you’re selling online, one of the major questions you need to answer is where to put your product up for sale. But it doesn’t always have to be an either or.

The article below is about selling your products both on Amazon and your own WooCommerce site at the same time, and how you can use the two together to increase your overall revenue. It focuses on the advantages that Amazon gives to your brand and your product, even if it’s already for sale elsewhere, so if you’re unsure about branching out from your own site, be sure to give it a read.

A common question asked by online sellers ask is: “Should I be selling on Amazon or through my own online store?”. The answer? Both. Whether you’re just starting out or you already have your own successful online store, here’s five reasons why you should start using Amazon to connect with more customers today.

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Plugin Developer Stories: Starfish Reviews by Tevya Washburn

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Starfish Reviews is a helpful WordPress plugin that helps you earn reviews and rating for your website and services. It creates a rating funnel that encourages users to give rating across various platforms.

If you’re interested in the story behind its creation, or looking to take away some advice from its success, check out the interview below. Tevya Washburn, the creator of the plugin, answers questions about how the project got started, his choice of pricing plans, the future of the plugin, and more.

Tevya Washburn started his professional career as a history grad turned web designer (a path I can personally relate to somewhat as a failed history major turned computer science diploma owner). He eventually found himself running an online reputation management plugin called Starfish Reviews that has proven to be quite successful. That story and more feature’s in Tevya’s interview below.

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How WordPress Professionals Can Achieve Financial Security [Guide]

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The freedom provided by freelance is one of its greatest selling points. You get more freedom over who you work with, your hours, and where you do your work. But that freedom can be crippled if you have to take on every piece of work you can get to barely make ends meet.

The article below is about financial security, and obtaining it as a WordPress freelancer. It takes you through a detailed, fifteen step process to greater stability, covering topics like finding the right start, looking for opportunities to increase income, managing expenses and much more.

According to a recent AND CO report, “Freedom is the new wealth.” What they’re referring to is the actual freedom that comes with being self-employed and away from the constraints of corporate life. Many of the surveyed freelancers reported serious issues with profitability, leaving me to wonder: Is professional freedom more valuable than financial freedom? I’m kidding. Of course, I’m not wondering that. I know for a fact that if you’re swimming in debt, struggling to stay in the black with your business and fighting for every single penny you earn, there is absolutely no freedom there. Today, I’m going to ask you to imagine a world where you had the security of knowing you were financially covered before you even begin work.

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Plugin Developer Stories: Toolbar Extras by David Decker

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Toolbar Extras in a popular, and powerful, WordPress plugin. It gives you quick access from your toolbar to site building tools, and even integrates with a wide variety of other plugins for expanded utility and ease of use.

If you’re interested in the story behind the plugin, then the interview below with David Decker, its developer, is sure to be a good read. They cover topics such as how he got started with WordPress, where the idea for the plugin came from, and the future of Toolbar Extras.

Toolbar Extras is a plugin built with the user in mind by giving easy to reach access to site building resources. This plugin gives you an extended toolbar in the WordPress admin to let you have quick route to features of a wide variety of third-party plugins, like page builder Elementor, and even a handful of themes. Developer David Decker was kind enough to answer my questions about his history with WordPress, how he began building Toolbar Extras, what it’s like to build a plugin that supports so many third-party products and his thoughts on Elementor and page builders in general.

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WordPress Developers Statistics: How Much WordPress Developers Make & Much More

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If you’re interested in getting into web development, or already a developer, you might be interested to know how well a lot of others in the space are doing. It can help you determine the potential of the career, and gauge your own progress.

Below are some statistics from a survey of over 400 WordPress developers, covering a wide variety of topics. Client numbers, work hours, income, and much more. There’s a lot of interesting data, so give it a look below.

As a web developer, there’s always that curiosity about what your peers are up to. Where are they from? How much do they make? Do they work remotely? Over the years, we’ve received questions from our blog readers wanting to know these answers and more so we decided to pull together a little industry survey to find out. We received 420 responses and got some real insight into the careers of WordPress developers. We found out about experience levels, how freelancers are getting clients and much more. Let’s dive in.

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How to Sell SaaS Products (Web Based Services) [Guide]

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Selling services online has long been a great way of making money, and it only continues to grow in popularity. Whether you have software you can package as a service, or a different kind of web-based service, there’s a lot of room for growth and success.

The article below aims to help you achieve that success, with advice on major points like pricing, distribution, and more. Web-based services have a bright future, so be sure to check it out if you think a service-based business might be right for you.

As computing moves increasingly away from traditional practices and more toward cloud-based systems, there continue to be ample opportunities for making money selling web-based services. Are you looking to sell your own web-based service? Hopefully this post gives you some ideas and insights that can help you get started.

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The Six Best Places to Buy or Sell Projects & Side Hustles

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Side projects can be a great way to earn some extra income, but it can be hard to devote the time you need to make the project really shine if it’s not getting the majority of your attention. However, there is another way to make these side projects a valuable extra income.

The article below is about buying and selling side projects, and marketplaces in which you can do so. They review six of the best places to sell your projects and go over the differences between them, and then offer a quick list of tips to anyone looking to sell some of their projects.

There are a ton of resources out there detailing how to create a side project, but very few showing you where to buy or sell a side project. I’ve been doing some of my own research this year, here’s what I have found.

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High-Ticket Sales Funnels Can Win You More Leads, But Are They Right for Your Business?

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If you’ve been looking for ways to reduce the time you spend chasing leads and trying to close deals, sales funnels, particularly a high-ticket sales funnel, could be the solution you’ve been searching for. But it’s not for everyone.

The article below explains them in detail, and the kind of people and businesses they might work best for. If you’re new to the idea, it provides a solid introduction, and good advice to see if high-ticket sales funnels are the right next step for your business.

Ever feel like you’re spending too much time searching for leads, convincing them to work with you, and then trudging through projects that fail to generate a worthwhile profit? It’s a common enough problem, for sure. But it’s not one without a solution: high ticket sales funnels. They can work, but high-ticket sales funnels are not for the faint of heart.

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3 Tips for Becoming a WordPress Freelancer

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Web development is a profession with a lot of potential. If you only take on a few clients here and there, it can be a great way to put your skills to use and make extra money on the side. But if you want to dive fully into web development with WordPress, it can definitely be a full time job as well.

That doesn’t mean the transition is going to be easy, but the article below aims to help with that. It provides three important keys to making the jump to full-time with as little headache as possible, and set yourself up for success.

So you do web development projects in your spare time to expand your skills and make some extra money. Good for you! At some point you may decide that being a full-time freelancer is a viable option. Where do you start? You’ve come to the right place.

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