Plugin Developer Stories: GamiPress by Ruben Garcia Canto

Gamification is a useful tool for expanding user engagement and interest in your site, and the GamiPress plugin makes it easy. It handles points, achievements, and rankings, making them all a breeze to add into your WordPress website.

Below is an interview with Ruben Garcia Canto, a member of the team behind the plugin. He talks about how they started building plugins, marketing techniques, and the add-on business model and why they chose it for monetization. In closing, he provides a peak at the future of the GamiPress plugin, and what users can expect to see next.

Gamification is a popular method to increase user engagement, improve learning and build better organization inside of software products. It’s become very common with websites centered around education, personal fitness and other individual tracking applications. GamiPress brings the utility of gamification to any WordPress website. Website owners can setup a handful of points, achievements and ranks for their site that users can earn through whatever means the site operator sees fit. Ruben Garcia Canto, from Tsunoa, has taken the time to answer my questions about how they started building WordPress plugins, the early stages of GamiPress’ development and their marketing and pricing techniques for the product.

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