Plugin Developer Stories: ACF Theme Code by Aaron Rutley

An extension of the very powerful Advanced Custom Fields, the ACF Theme Code plugin generates code for you based on your AFC settings, adding database tables and more to the original plugin’s functionality.

To learn more about the plugin and the story behind it, check out the interview below with Aaron Rutley, one of its creators. He covers starting out, marketing, feature choices, and more before closing with a peek at what’s next for the ACF Theme Code plugin.

In my mind, Advanced Custom Fields is one of the most versatile and useful plugins for developers of WordPress. It’s a must install for practically every WordPress powered client job I’ve ever done. Aaron Rutley, and his business partner Ben Pearson, obviously feel the same way. They have built their own freemium plugin, called ACF Theme Code, that automatically generates code snippets for you based on your Advanced Custom Fields settings.

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