Boost Your Sales by Selling on WooCommerce & Amazon Together

The internet is a great place to sell products. If you’re selling online, one of the major questions you need to answer is where to put your product up for sale. But it doesn’t always have to be an either or.

The article below is about selling your products both on Amazon and your own WooCommerce site at the same time, and how you can use the two together to increase your overall revenue. It focuses on the advantages that Amazon gives to your brand and your product, even if it’s already for sale elsewhere, so if you’re unsure about branching out from your own site, be sure to give it a read.

A common question asked by online sellers ask is: “Should I be selling on Amazon or through my own online store?”. The answer? Both. Whether you’re just starting out or you already have your own successful online store, here’s five reasons why you should start using Amazon to connect with more customers today.

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