7 Ways to Start Making Money with a WordPress Blog

The internet is full of countless ways to make a living. Of these, blogging is one of the most popular. A WordPress blog is fairly easy to set up, and it monetized and handled correctly, you can make some money talking about pretty much anything.

The article below goes over seven ways to make an income with your blog, from affiliate links to ads, memberships, and more. It has a good bit of info about each, offering plenty of advice to help you determine which path might be the best for your blog.

One of the biggest searches on the web is how to make money. And when you search the more specific phrase how to make money with WordPress you’ll still find an impressive 11 million+ results. Based on those numbers you can infer that people really are making money off their blogs (especially those ranking at the top of the search results!).

By the end of this post you’ll find that it can be surprisingly easy to generate an income using your blog as a starting point.

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