WordPress Developers Statistics: How Much WordPress Developers Make & Much More

If you’re interested in getting into web development, or already a developer, you might be interested to know how well a lot of others in the space are doing. It can help you determine the potential of the career, and gauge your own progress.

Below are some statistics from a survey of over 400 WordPress developers, covering a wide variety of topics. Client numbers, work hours, income, and much more. There’s a lot of interesting data, so give it a look below.

As a web developer, there’s always that curiosity about what your peers are up to. Where are they from? How much do they make? Do they work remotely? Over the years, we’ve received questions from our blog readers wanting to know these answers and more so we decided to pull together a little industry survey to find out. We received 420 responses and got some real insight into the careers of WordPress developers. We found out about experience levels, how freelancers are getting clients and much more. Let’s dive in.

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