The Ultimate WordPress Website Launch Checklist [List]

Launching a new website is exciting. It’s a culmination of quite a bit of work, so of course you want everything to go perfectly. However, even if you’re experienced, it’s all too easy to miss something or make a mistake.

The article below provides a basis for a website launch checklist, a list of all the important steps you need to take as you go to launch a website to ensure everything is running smoothly. From initial client expectations to checking everything over, and finally handing control over to your client, this in-depth guide covers everything you need to ensure your website launch is a success.

No matter how experienced we are at doing something, there’s always a chance that we’ll make a mistake. So, in this article, we’ve pulled together a checklist of tasks that web designers and developers should consider when launching a new site.

By following this checklist — or, even better, by using these recommendations to create your own checklist — you’ll have a documented process to follow for every site that you launch.

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