Plugin Developer Stories: Edivently by Martin Shiderov

Edivently is a WordPress plugin geared towards managing and selling online courses. Learning a wide variety of topics online is an increasingly popular choice, so online courses are a good business choice for people with a wide variety of skills.

Below is an interview with Martin Shiderov, the creator of the plugin, who answers questions about the creation process, marketing strategies, and other choices made along the way. He gives some advice to other plugin creators as well, before closing with a look into what’s planned for the plugin next.

Paid online training is a hot area for generating income these days. Edivently is a new plugin that turns any WordPress installation into a simple learning management system for building and selling online courses. Martin Shiderov, the creator of Edivently, was nice enough to answer my questions about starting his plugin (including picking the unique name), the challenges of building such a complete learning management system and his thoughts on using Envato to handle his sales.

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