5 Program Types WordPress Web Professionals Should Join to Earn More

There are various programs out there that you can join as a web professional to help create additional sources of income, as well as ways to collaborate with or learn from others.

The article below talks about five kinds of such programs, from affiliates to referral programs, rewards, and more. It goes over each one at a time, providing additional details to help you determine what kinds of partnership programs would make the most sense for your business to pursue.

Partner programs help you through revenue, resources, credentials, promotions, leads, and discounts. While the value of these benefits varies, depending on your business and the specific program, they’re all worth serious consideration.

Adding multiple revenue streams to your business mitigates risk. More income sources makes you less dependent on any one source. That gives you more negotiation power in dealing with clients, and it can help alleviate the “feast and famine” cycle of chasing the next big client or project.

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