How to Take on Clients with Existing WordPress Sites for Management in 8 Steps [Guide]

If you offer management and maintenance for WordPress websites as one of your services, you might get offered an existing website to upkeep. This can be good for your income without all the work of building the site yourself, but its important to handle it right from the start.

The article below presents an eight step checklist for when you first take on such a site. From existing security to management plugins, it covers important things to understand and tweak about the website to ensure everything runs smoothly for both you and your client.

On the surface, an existing site in need of maintenance is a gift. No development or build needed; just check the dials on schedule, be ready if anything goes awry, and bill the client. Well, of course, this is WordPress, and although we love it, it is never quite that easy. A site you didn’t build is an unknown entity, and most clients have very little knowledge of their site “under the hood,” as long it appears to be working.

Go through the following intake checklist when accepting management of WordPress sites you didn’t build. These steps are designed to help you evaluate the site quickly, so you don’t spend too much time getting up and running.

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