How to Make Money with the GoDaddy Reseller Program

The GoDaddy reseller program allows you to build up your own storefront, set your own prices, and earn a living selling GoDaddy services and products. It offers a great opportunity for building your own business, and Roel Zylstra is just one of the people who have been successful doing so.

The article below talks about his story, from what drove him to start his own business to how he found the GoDaddy reseller program, and ultimately how he made it into such a success. The article is geared toward helping you learn how to build a business with the reseller program as well by learning from his success, so be sure to check it out below.

Roel Zylstra didn’t join the ranks of small business owners fresh out of school. Like many entrepreneurs before him, he hung out his own shingle when he saw an opportunity and when circumstances forced his hand. Then Roel enrolled in GoDaddy’s early Reseller Program as one of the first few hundred to join.

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