Plugin Developer Stories: MalCare by Akshat Choudhary

Security is a big deal for WordPress, as it is for any website. Keeping yourself, and the important data of anyone who uses your site, is a top concern. The MalCare plugin is a great help with this, by providing scans, protection, amd malware removal.

The creator, Akshat Choudhary, answers questions about the plugin in an interview below, from how he built the plugin to marketing, pricing, and more. He closes with some advice for future developers, and a glimpse at what’s to come for MalCare.

One of the leading causes of concern with most WordPress users is security. Any WordPress freelancer can tell you stories about hacked sites, vulnerable plugins and more that have caused problems for their clients. Akshat Choudhary saw the same problems as well so he decided to build a product to help address these issues. He was willing to answer my questions about MalCare, his WordPress security solution, including the hardest parts of its development, how he decided on his pricing structure and more.

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