Interview with Rich Tabor Founder of ThemeBeans Theme Business & CoBlocks Plugin (Acquired by GoDaddy) [Interview]

Rich Tabor is the creator of CoBlocks, a helpful set of content blocks made to help build amazing pages in the Gutenberg editor. He also runs a digital agency, a WordPress theme shop, and more. The next step for him is a senior project manager for GoDaddy.

In the interview below he covers various topics about his work, from the creation of CoBlocks to future business plans, and how its been making the move to working for GoDaddy. He closes with some advice for others looking ot build a business in the WordPress industry, so be sure to check it out.

Rich Tabor is taking CoBlocks and his other work to GoDaddy, where he’ll continue to development experiences for using WordPress with Gutenberg. Following the acquisition, Rich Tabor is transitioning to a new role now as Senior Product Manager of WordPress Experience with GoDaddy. In the past three years, Rich founded a digital agency, launched a popular PhotoShop resource site, and started ThemeBeans, a successful WordPress theme shop.

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