Simple Giveaways: Turning a WordPress Plugin into a $500/mo Side Project

Giveaways are a great way for different websites to pull in some extra attention and traffic. The Simple GIveaways plugin makes running them extremely easy, automatically choosing a winner for you and collecting a subscriber list while you’re at it.

Below is an interview with its creator, Igor Benic, who talks about how the plugin got started, how he built up a user base, his business and monetization model for the whole thing, and plans for the future of the plugin. He closes with a good bit of advice for people just starting out, so if you’re interested in making plugins yourself it’s well worth the read.

Simple Giveaways is my first “serious” endeavor. It’s a pretty simple product that collects email addresses and then uses an algorithm to select a winner for the giveaway, all while building up a solid subscriber list. It is used by many different industries.

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