4 Steps to Writing the Perfect Proposal [Checklist]

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If you want to get hired, a lot of the time you have to approach your potential clients and sell yourself to them. You need to convince them that the services you provide will help them enough to be worth the price you’re asking for. To do this, you need a good proposal.

The article below is all about writing the perfect proposal to win over clients, by selling them a story. It explains why this often works better than the simple price and time estimate proposals freelancers frequently use, and takes you through important traits of a good proposal to show you how to do it right.

If you’re selling yourself like a painter, and estimating out how much time it’ll take you to complete a project and then multiplying that time estimate by an hourly rate, I’d seriously encourage you to ditch your line-item quotes and move toward selling a story.  Here’s how.

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Should You Sell Digital Products Through Your Own Site or a Marketplace?

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If you’ve created digital products, or are thinking about starting, something important to decide is where you’re going to sell them. You can opt for an established marketplace, or for building your own site to sell your products from.

Both are viable options, with their own unique advantages. The article below will take you through a list of important considerations, covering legal differences, taxes, customer support, price share, product exposure, and much, much more. There’s a lot of information that will help you make the choice that’s right for you and your brand, so be sure to give it a read.

Want to sell your own digital products but not sure whether you should use a marketplace or run your own store? Well, we have some insights to share! Marketplaces have their benefits, and running your own store does, too! Depending on the types of products you sell (or want to sell), the technical skills you have (or have access to), and some other important factors, the option you choose won’t necessarily be the same as another digital product seller – even ones in your own niche. But, looking at the most important differences can help guide you toward the right choice. Let’s do it!

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How to Regain Members Who’ve Churned From Your Membership Business

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If your run a membership business, two of the most important things to focus on is drawing in new members, and keeping the ones you already have. A 0% churn is impossible to achieve, as some factors are beyond your control, but just because someone has left your membership, that doesn’t mean you can’t ever win them back.

The article below is aimed at helping you identify reasons churn might be happening, and steps you can take to win back lost members. It also provides some helpful example emails to illustrate the advice given, making it easy to understand and get to winning your churned members back to your site.

You’ve accepted that churn is an inevitable part of running a membership site, but what should you be doing to win back lost members – and how? It’s important to remember that members have lives of their own, and may cancel their memberships for a variety of reasons. Your job is to find out why they cancelled, what you can do about it, and to offer them a solution. Here’s how to do it right!

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How to Put Together a Promotion Plan for Your Affiliate Program [Guide]

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Affiliates programs are a great way to bring in extra business and increase sales for your products. But if you want to bring affiliates on board, you need to promote your program.

The article below will help you make sure you have everything in order before you start, by creating a promotion plan for your affiliate program. It covers brand identity, finding the right kinds of affiliates, commission structure, and more. There’s plenty of information provided to help ensure that you can find affiliates that suit your brand, and that the whole program keeps running smoothly.

You’ve got the products, the skills, and the will to succeed with your affiliate program, but where do you start when it comes to promotion? Maybe you don’t consider yourself a marketing “natural”, or you don’t do many promotions for your brand to begin with. Or, you might be ready to go full-force promoting your affiliate program, but you want to make sure you’ve got your ducks in a row first! Making a promotion plan for your affiliate program isn’t just for keeping yourself organized and accountable; it can mean more efficiency, more growth, and better returns on your investment – time, money, and effort included!

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Plugin Developer Stories: GFChart by Ben Ramsden

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GFChart is a helpful extension for the Gravity Forms WordPress plugin, that allows you to take the data from your Gravity Forms submissions and turn it into visual charts to more easily understand the information.

Below is an interview with the owner of the plugin, Ben Ramsden. He talks about how he got into selling WordPress plugins, how the idea formed for the extension, pricing decisions, and more. There’s some helpful information here for developers to unpack, as well as a look at future plans for the GFChart plugin.

GFChart is the first WordPress plugin I’ve posted about here that is an extension for Gravity Forms. This plugin lets you take all of the information you collect from Gravity Form submissions through your site and present the data in a visual way for your visitors or yourself. Ben Ramsden, the owner of GFChart, answered my questions about how he found himself selling a WordPress plugin as a non-developer, what it is like to build a product dependent on Gravity Forms for success and some really interesting discussion about how he prices his plugin.

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How to Handle Refunds for WordPress Themes & Plugins

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Offering a solid refund policy is a good way to increase the likelihood of people being willing to try out your product. It helps them feel safer about their purchase. However, it does run the risk of refund fraud, and other potential problems.

But oftentimes the benefits outweigh the risks. The article below outlines what the risks and benefits are, and several different routes you can take when it comes to offering refund policies for your WordPress themes and plugins, and how to handle refunds in a way that works well for both you as the seller, and your customers.

Unlike with hardware or consumer products, people who purchase your WordPress software product don’t actually have to go back to your store and physically return it to get a refund. For digital WordPress products, it’s usually a simple email or a click of a button to ask for a refund, involving no extra cost for neither the customer nor the seller. Offering a refund policy has it’s cons to it as well, but ultimately, it helps reduce friction, making the decision to go ahead and purchase a license much easier.

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How to Setup Affiliate Commissions (the Right Way!)

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A very important part of running a successful affiliate program is setingthe right commission rate. Too low, and it will be hard to attract quality affiliates. Too high, and you’re greatly reducing your profits from the traffic they bring you.

The article below aims to help you get it right, taking you through several key factors that help you determine the best rate. It goes over product prices, market share, affiliate incentives and more to help ensure your affiliate marketing program is fair and lucrative for everyone involved.

Affiliate commissions are an important part of running your affiliate program, but how do you decide on the right commission rate? In this post, we discuss some of the main factors to consider so that you can settle on the commission rate(s) that feel right for your affiliate program!

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Plugin Developer Stories: ShortCode Cleaner by Mohamed Abd Elhalim

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Shortcodes are a great way to make plugins easier to use and integrate into your posts and other WordPress content. However, if you need to remove or swap out plugins, they leave a lot of code throughout your site that needs to be cleaned up. The ShortCode Clearer plugin is a tool designed to do all of that work for you.

Below is an interview with its creator, Mohamed Abd Elhalim. He talks about how he got into WordPress, how the idea for the plugin came about, and several of the important choices they made along the way. If you’re interested in plugin development, the stories of other successful developers are a good way to learn, so be sure to give it a read.

I have been part of several WordPress projects for clients over the years that involved major switches in themes and plugins. Sweeping replacements like that can often lead to broken content that needs to be fixed by hand or carefully corrected with search and replace procedures on the database. These situations frequently include shortcodes inside of post content that are no longer functional and need to be removed. Mohamed Abd Elhalim experienced the same problems while he was developing WordPress themes so he decided to build an easy-to-use plugin that would automatically remove broken shortcodes from his sites. His plugin, Shortcode Cleaner, is a simple solution for cleaning broken WordPress content.

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How to Sell Video Online with WordPress [Guide]

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Video is a huge market, and one that only continues to grow and to dominate internet searches. This makes it a great choice for a digital product to sell, but with the wealth of free video from sources such as YouTube, making videos to sell requires the right approach.

The article below offers advice for pricing, distribution and more, going over different types of videos and other considerations to help you determine where to sell your video content and how to maximize your revenue.

With YouTube ranking as the second largest search engine in the world, video has become a digital content juggernaut, with projections that it will grow to make up over 80% of internet traffic by 2021. Content creators build entire businesses, brands, livelihoods, and legacies off of video, providing eager audiences with easily-consumable content that engages the senses even more than audio or visual content alone. And as modern culture shifts more and more toward digital life, video continues to be an effective way for people to pursue education, self-development, community, and entertainment. Are you ready to start selling your own videos? In this post we’ve created a quick guide to the basics, so you can get things going with confidence!

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How (& Where) to Find Quality Affiliates to Grow Your Affiliate Program

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A quality affiliate program can be a great way to increase the sales and traffic you get. But no matter how well put together your program is, it won’t reach its potential without high quality affiliates to go with it.

The article below is all about finding affiliates, and where to go to find the best affiliates available for your brand. From social media to forums, marketing, meetups, and more, it’s packed with advice on great places to look for high-quality affiliates to get your program off the ground.

Creating an affiliate program is one thing, but finding quality affiliates who are going to be the best match for your brand (and convert sales!) is another. If you’re gearing up to launch a new affiliate program, you’ll know that it’s not as simple as offering kickbacks and publishing an affiliate page online. You can have the best products, platform, tools, and creatives, and your revenue still won’t be significantly affected if you have the wrong people on board! Finding the right people is key, but how do you know where to look?

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How to Collect Content From Clients (the Right Way!)

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As a WordPress developer, you have a lot of work to do to get sites up and running the way your clients want them. But not every aspect of the site is up to you to create, typically the actual content for the website is provided by your clients. And to get certain aspects of the site right, you need some of this content to finish your job.

The article below will show you how to go about getting any missing content you need from your clients in a manner that’s fast, efficient, and as low-fuss as possible for everyone involved. It’s a pretty in-depth guide, but the time it can save you in the long run makes it well worth the read.

I say this a lot and will say it once again: if you truly want to elevate your WordPress business, then it needs to have the right processes and procedures to support it. One of those processes that many consultants don’t think about? As a WordPress developer, you’re hired for your expertise in building websites – strategy, design, coding and testing. Those tasks all fall on your shoulders. There are times, however, when you can’t move forward on a website without your client’s help, like when you need content from them. Here’s how to do it right.

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How to Improve Churn in Your Membership Business

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Getting people to sign up for your membership site can be tricky, and once they’re there, you have to know how to keep them. However, with an optimized approach, keeping existing members around and avoiding churn doesn’t have to be that hard.

The article below goes through some of the major causes of member churn, and the steps you can take to avoid each one. Some causes are unavoidable, but with the right approach you can greatly reduce your rate of lost members and keep your membership count on the rise.

According to Harvard Business Review it costs between 5 and 25 times more to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one. Wow! Are you putting exponentially more effort, care, and attention into nurturing existing member relationships relative to acquiring new members? That exponential effort can be reduced over time if you put the proper infrastructure in place now. Laying a solid foundation for churn optimization poises you for scaling later. Here’s how to do it.

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Plugin Developer Stories: Sunshine Photo Cart by Derek Ashauer

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Sunshine Photo Cart is a photography plugin designed to make selling photos easy, with features like automatic watermarking, client proofing galleries, and more. There’s plugins too, so you can expand the functionality even more.

The creator, Derek Ashauer answers questions about the plugin in an interview below, covering topics like how he got into WordPress, the marketing techniques that have worked the best for him, and some advice he wishes he’d had from the get go. If you’re interested in the story behind the plugin, or want a peek at what it might offer next, check it out below.

Developer Derek Ashauer was kind enough to take time to talk to me about his WordPress plugin called Sunshine Photo Cart. With Sunshine Photo Cart, professional photographers can easily add client proofing galleries and photo cart options on their websites.

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Need to Decrease Affiliate Commissions?  Here’s How to Do It the Right Way (Without Losing Your Affiliates!)

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For a successful affiliate program, you need to ensure that your affiliates are properly compensated for the work they put into bringing you sales. However, there might came a time when you need to lower the commision rates you give a bit to keep up the profits you need.

The article below goes through several reasons you might need to do this, and offers some advice for handling it correctly and minimizing the risk of losing good affiliates when your commissions drop. If you need to lower your prices, it’s important that you do it right, so be sure to give it a read.

There may come a time when you want, or need to lower your affiliate commission rate – but how do you do it without sending your affiliates running for the hills? In this post, we discuss some possible scenarios, and talk about how you can decrease your affiliate commission rate without losing all of your affiliates!

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How to Sell Your WordPress Blog

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There’s a lot of possible reason to start blogs, and a lot of good advice out there for getting off the ground. But if you’ve lost interest it, or time to work on your blog, one option, particularly if you have a notable following, is to sell your blog. You can create blogs for this purpose too, if you have the right approach.

Selling a WordPRess blog is a process, and if you want to maximize its value, there’s a few steps you need to take. The article below will take you through these steps, as well as how to evaluate the value of your blog in the first place. It also takes you through four places you can do the actual sales, once your blog is good and ready.

A plethora of bloggers have written terrific pieces of content about setting up a WordPress blog. These guides are golden for less trained users who want to create a blog. But bloggers have written significantly fewer blog posts about selling your WordPress blog. Here’s how to do it.

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Plugin Developer Stories: Meta Box by Tran Ngoc Tuan Anh

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Meta Box is a WordPRess plugin that makes it easy to add custom meta boxes and other data to your website. It’s highly versatile, powerful, and flexible, and greatly enhanced your control over the metadata of your site, and how easily you can tweak it.

If you want to know more about the story behind the plugin, take a look at the interview below with its creator, Tran Ngoc Tuan Anh. He talks about how the project started, pricing choices, how they turn user feedback into new extensions, and more. He closes with some tips for new developers, so check it out below.

Meta Box is simple on the surface: it lets WordPress users and developers quickly construct custom meta boxes and fields. There are other plugins on the market that do the same thing but Meta Box is interesting to me because of its large install base, variety of premium extensions and it’s Vietnamese developer. Tran Ngoc Tuan Anh, from Hanoi, is the man behind Meta Box and he was very kind enough to sit down and answer my questions about his successful plugin. We talk about pricing in bundles, how his customers help inform him on matters ranging from pricing to which extension he should build next and more.

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Plugin Developer Stories: Post to Google My Business by Koen Reus

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Post to Google My Business is a plugin designed to help make using Google My Business as easy as possible. It has a lot of features to help you customize how it works, and tracking as well so you can see how your posts perform.

Below is an interview with the creator, Koen Reus, who answers questions about the plugin and it’s creation. They cover how he got started with WordPress, what exactly the plugin does, some of the trials of building it, and what features are planned for it next. There’s plenty more to unpack if you’re interested in the plugin creation process, so be sure to check it out below.

Before Koen Reus, the developer of the Post to Google My Business plugin, contacted me I didn’t know much about the My Business service at all. Koen was nice enough to explain what Google My Business is as well as discuss how he got started building a WordPress plugin that integrates with it, the pitfalls he ran into during that process and what he is doing to market and sell a premium version of the plugin to customers.

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Improve Your Affiliate Program’s Returns with Better Affiliate Communication

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Affiliate marketing is profitable for both parties involved, so running an affiliate program is often a good idea. But despite all the positives, there are still a few things that can go wrong. One of the primary ways problems can arise is from a lack of communication with your affiliates.

The article below covers the five W’s of affiliate communication, from why it’s important to how to go about it, where, when, and what to say to make sure you all stay on the same page. Getting this one aspect done right can be a huge boost to the overall success of your affiliate program, so be sure to give it a read.

Are you missing this one crucial step to running a successful affiliate marketing program? Affiliate marketing is a pretty simple concept. It’s a sales and promotion cycle that is mutually beneficial for both you (the site owner), and the people you recruit to promote your website or products (your affiliates). It forms one part of your overall marketing strategy, and can be highly profitable.

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How to Sell WordPress Maintenance [Guide]

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WordPress takes up a huge portion of the internet, and those sites need maintenance. This makes selling WordPress maintenance packages a lucrative business opportunity, but like all things it business, if you want to be successful, it needs to be done right.

That’s what the article below aims to help you do. It goes in depth into why website maintenance is so important, what to include in a basic website care plan, handling SEO, marketing, and much more. It’s an exhaustive guide that’s sure to help your WordPress maintenance business start off right.

With WordPress currently powering over 30% of all websites, there is no doubt about its dominance. However, this fact alone is not enough to ensure that your WordPress consulting business flourishes, or that clients will come pounding at your door with their urgent WordPress website needs. Here’s how to be successful with WordPress maintenance plans the right way.

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How to Grow Your Membership Business with Tiered Memberships

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One of the more difficult decisions in running a membership site is how to set your pricing. You want to set your prices low enough that it isn’t hard to get people on board, but you need enough income to stay running and keep developing new content.

The tiered membership is a popular choice for solving this problem, by allowing you to have both low-costed membership options while still making a good income off the members who want all the bells and whistles. The article below will help you make the most of the pricing strategy by showing you how to divide your content between tiers, sell your higher level memberships, and more.

Pricing your memberships is an important part of running a membership site – and the tiered membership model is a popular choice. But, how do you know if it’s right for your site? What makes tiered memberships so popular?

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Plugin Developer Stories: Heroic FAQs by Chris Mooney

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Heroic FAQs is a WordPress plugin designed to managed your frequently asked questions easily. It greatly diminishes the time needed to create an FAQs page, and offers a great deal of customizability and control over the style and layout of your page.

Below is an interview with Chris Mooney from HeroThemes, one of the creators of the plugin. He talks about the idea behind the plugin, how their product work together, monetization choices, interface design, and more. If you want to learn about the plugin creation process and what exactly goes into making one great, besure to give it a read.

Heroic FAQs, the latest plugin release from the folks over at HeroThemes, offers simple but powerful management for frequently answered questions. While the concept of an FAQ page is almost as old as the web itself, with Heroic FAQs the time involved in setting one up is diminished greatly which leaves you with more time to work on your product and less time handling support. Chris Mooney was willing to answer my questions about the creation of Heroic FAQs.

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How to Cut Costs & Grow Margins [Worksheet]

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Businesses have to make a profit, and if you want to keep growing, you’re going to spend some time looking to increase that profit. A lot of the time this is done by focusing on increasing your income, but cutting unneeded costs can sometimes be the more effective way to get your profit margins up.

The article below will take you through five common areas of cost and help you evaluate each one to make sure your money is being spent efficiently, and see if there’s any costs you can afford to cut down. It lists some helpful resources as well to help you track financial health and give your profit margins the boost they need.

Have you ever considered how much more money you could keep just by cutting down on overhead costs? No matter how well business is going, there’s always something you can to do to increase profit margins. The following guide is going to focus on how to use this awesome little trick to increase profit margins overnight.

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Web Developer Roadmap [Guide]

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Web development is a highly rewarding career choice. You have a lot of opportunities to build amazing things, and it’s in ever-growing demand as well. But it’s such a broad field that it can be hard to know what to focus on or how to get started sometimes.

Below is a helpful roadmap chart designed to help you find your way to your desired career in web development. It has a plan laid out depending on whether you want to be a frontend, backend, or devops web developer, and has plenty of great guidance for each to help you find your way.

Here you’ll find a set of charts demonstrating the paths that you can take and the technologies that you would want to adopt in order to become a frontend, backend or a devops. I made these charts for an old professor of mine who wanted something to share with his college students to give them a perspective; sharing them here to help the community.

Read full article: kamranahmedse/developer-roadmap

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8 Reasons to Start a Membership-Based Business [List]

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The standard model of monetization is to sell something directly, be that a product, information, or a service. However, the membership business alternative, where people pay an ongoing rate for access to premium content as it comes out, offers some unique benefits.

The article below goes through eight of the biggest benefits to running a membership based website, from reliable income to building a community, establishing yourself as an authority in your industry, and more. If you’re trying to decide on a model for your business, be sure to check it out and see if membership might be right for you.

Subscription models have been around for a long time, but modern digital content consumption (along with the increasing dominance of eCommerce) has created a unique demand for consistently fresh content – and a membership site is the perfect solution!

Read full article: The top 8 benefits of running a membership site

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How to Build Your Email List with Free Downloads

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Building an email list for your business has a lot of benefits. Notably, it can be great for marketing new products, sales, and other things your customers might be interested in. But getting people to sign up for an email list isn’t always that easy.

The article below is about building up an email list by offering free downloads. It lists some of the best choices if plugins for managing your email list, and shows you where to go from there to get people signing up with an easy to use add-on.

Building an email list from scratch is no easy task and it certainly doesn’t happen overnight. But offering a free download will always result in conversions: customers love freebies and a free download will pave the way undoubtedly for more sales. Giving away a download is one of the most powerful techniques for customer acquisition. Here’s how to do it right.

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An Interview with WP Buffs, a Top WordPress Maintenance Service [Interview]

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WP Buffs is a major provided of WordPress website maintenance. They offer a lot of services, and over time have made their way all the way up to being one of the top providers in their field.

It takes good services, communication, branding, marketing, and more to get to where they’re at now. If you’re interested in exactly how they did it, be sure to check out the podcast below with Joseph Howard, one of the people who runs the company. He’s got plenty of insights to share.

WP Buffs seems to be striking a nice mix of branding, marketing, content, and of course services. The WordPress support business is an easy game to get into, but a lot harder to win. Jere’s an interview with WP Buffs, a WordPress maintenance service.

Read full article: Dare to run a WordPress support business like WP Buffs?

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Plugin Developer Stories: Iconic by James Kemp

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Not just a single plugin, Iconic by James Kemp is a whole suite of plugins created for WooCommerce, adding a range of functionality such as wishlists, product color choices, product bundles, and much more.

Below is an interview with James, who answers questions about how he got started in WordPress, how he made the switch to selling from his own store, how he’s been successful building plugins based off of another, third-party plugin, and more. He offers some marketing tips for other plugin creators as well, and closes with his plans for the future.

Iconic offers quite a few plugins designed to improve WooCommerce-powered store fronts. The founder of Iconic, James Kemp, answered my questions about how he got started building WooCommerce plugins, what his switch away from Envato’s CodeCanyon was like and the hazards (and advantages) of building a plugin business reliant on a third-party product.

Read full article: Iconic by James Kemp

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How To Generate Recurring Revenue with WordPress Maintenance Services

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Website maintenance is a good way to build yourself some recurring revenue to add to your income, and if you already run a WordPress design or development business, adding in maintenance services makes for a pretty smooth transition.

The article below will tell you all about it, from pricing plans to setting up the actual maintenance work, to selling your clients on the extra maintenance packages. It also has a helpful list of places you can outsource some maintenance work to if the extra work gets to be a bit too much, so it’s a great resource for anyone looking to add some passive income to their WordPress business.

How would you like an extra $100-$300+ per client every month? If your WordPress development, design or marketing business isn’t offering a WordPress site maintenance package you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. Give your clients peace of mind and spare them the horror they would suffer if left to their own devices, all while establishing yourself as their go-to, one-stop web solution. It’s a win-win!

Read full article: How To Make Money Offering A WordPress Maintenance Service

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7 Steps to Starting a WordPress Business [Guide]

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WordPress is a great platform on which to build any manner of business. With its immense versatility and wide range of tools, it’s one of the best ways to build something in the digital space. However, regardless of what kind of business you’re starting, there are some things you’re going to need to keep in mind.

The article below details several crucial steps to starting a WordPress business, from building a good website, to prioritizing profits, building client relationships, and even taking proper care of yourself. If you want to start your business of right for success in the long-term, it makes a great read.

Whatever your area of expertise, you’ve made a good choice to start a WordPress business. Considering how popular and versatile WordPress is, there’s no better platform to build websites with. WordPress will certainly give you a competitive edge. However, it’s up to you to make the smart business decisions that will affect how successful and profitable your business becomes. Here’s how to do it.

Read full article: Everything You Need to Know Before You Start a WordPress Business

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Web Developer’s Guide to Project Management [Guide]

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Project management is a crucial skill for a successful web development business. You need to be able to evaluate the scope of a project and carry it out to ensure that things stay within the right time frame and budget, or things can get out of hand pretty quickly.

The article below is here to help you with you project management, by taking you through three of the most crucial steps for doing it well. From creating a detailed scope evaluation to good communication with your clients, ut has everything you need to keep your web development projects on track.

“How long is a string?” is the question that pops into my head when a potential client asks how much a website will cost. A string can be any length, maybe it’s four inches, or maybe it’s 40 miles. You won’t find out until you measure. Websites are the same way — to learn how much one costs you have to measure (scope) it. Then you measure along the way to be sure you’re on track. This is just one best practice to follow when you’re learning how to manage a project successfully. We’ve got more tips for you below.

Read full article: How to manage a project successfully: Steps for web developers

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Plugin Developer Stories: GD Knowledge Base Pro [Interview]

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GD Knowledge Base Pro is a WordPress plugin designed to help you easily create documentation, user guides, and other similar pages for your WordPress website. It has a ton of features and great integration with WordPress, really making the whole process smoother and easier.

Below is an interview with Milan Petrovic, the creator of the plugin. They cover his WordPress history, the origin of the plugic, marketing tactics, how he overcame some of the challenges of creating plugins, and more. He closes with a bit about the next big update as well, so if you’re interested in the plugin, be sure to check it out.

WordPress seems like a natural fit for people looking to build out knowledge bases and documentation for their projects, clients or reference materials. GD Knowledge Base Pro makes that process even easier by offering a suite of features and tools that lets you construct a knowledge base fit to exactly meet your needs and requirements. Milan Petrovic, from Dev4Press, was kind enough to take some time explaining how his plugin came to be.

Read full article: GD Knowledge Base Pro

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6 WordPress Commerce Business Easy to Start Without Inventory

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One of the largest barriers to entry for starting up a store in inventory. You can’t run a store without something to sell, but buying up a sufficient inventory can take substantial startup costs. This applies to online stores as well, but not every product you can sell online requires an inventory.

The article below will take you through six types of sites you can build with WooCommerce that don’t require managing an inventory. It will go through the details of each one, explaining how they work and reasons they might be a good choice, as well as offering further reading for each one to help you get your business started off strong.

There’s a reason why WooCommerce + WordPress make for a winning combination — getting your online shop up and running only requires you to pick a hosting platform, set up the plugin and get started. We want you to start thinking of new possibilities to expand the reach of your business — your next big idea! Not only that, we want to get you thinking about setting up your online business, even if you don’t have any physical product to sell. Here are 6 ways to do it.

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An Interview with ThemeFusion ($25M in Sales) [Interview]

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The Avada WordPress theme is hugely popular, racking up over $25 million is sales. And for good reason, with over two thousand options and the powerful fusion builder that let you make a perfect site for any need without any coding knowledge required.

Below is an interview with ThemeFusion, the team behind the highly successful theme, covering topics such as their history in the industry, how they got so popular, and their experience selling from Envato’s ThemeForest marketplace. There’s a lot more about the theme, the company, and succeeding in the WordPress market to unpack, so be sure to give it a read.

Recently, ThemeFusion hit the $25 million mark in sales on Envato’s Themeforest marketplace. This is a massive milestone for any company and one that needs to be celebrated. ThemeFusion is the team behind Avada, which has amassed over 450,000 sales and 21,000 5-star reviews on Themeforest, remaining the best-selling WordPress theme for 6 straight years – an incredible feat. Here’s an interview with them.

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6 Steps to Building an Online Magazine to Start Earning Money [Guide]

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The internet is a great place for hosting a wide variety of content. Magazine style articles and news is a great example of this, and there’s plenty of tools and resources out there for building an online magazine about a wide variety of topics.

The article below will show you how to create one, taking you through the six main steps, from installing WordPress to choosing a theme, importing content, and more. It then goes through the best ways to monetize such a site to start bringing in income and make your investment worthwhile.

Online magazine websites are the go-to source for the latest news on a specific topic. Whether it’s food, entertainment, sport, business or even WordPress news, having a single source where you can browse articles and videos from multiple sources is a brilliant time-saver. If you can monetize that, what’s stopping you?

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How to Make Money with the GoDaddy Reseller Program

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The GoDaddy reseller program allows you to build up your own storefront, set your own prices, and earn a living selling GoDaddy services and products. It offers a great opportunity for building your own business, and Roel Zylstra is just one of the people who have been successful doing so.

The article below talks about his story, from what drove him to start his own business to how he found the GoDaddy reseller program, and ultimately how he made it into such a success. The article is geared toward helping you learn how to build a business with the reseller program as well by learning from his success, so be sure to check it out below.

Roel Zylstra didn’t join the ranks of small business owners fresh out of school. Like many entrepreneurs before him, he hung out his own shingle when he saw an opportunity and when circumstances forced his hand. Then Roel enrolled in GoDaddy’s early Reseller Program as one of the first few hundred to join.

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How to Build a WordPress Affiliate Website

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Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money from a WordPress website. In fact, it’s entirely possible to build an entire affiliate website, designed specifically for marketing. But how do you build one, and how to you ensure it’s profitable?

That’s what the article below aims to help with. From how to start marketing, to building the right audience, and optimizing your website to maximize commissions, it has everything you need to know to ensure your affiliate website is a success.

Are you looking to build a profitable affiliate website? Or, do you already have an affiliate website that you want to optimize to boost your revenue? Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online. With the right strategy, you can optimize your website so that it attracts the right traffic, in turn bringing in more affiliate revenue to your table. In this article, we’ll show you how to build a profitable affiliate website using WordPress.

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Sell More Products & Grow Your Brand with Cross-Promotion

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Marketing and promotion is one of the most important aspects of getting product sales. Of course, you need a good product to sell, but no matter how great it is you won’t sell many if no one even knows about it.

One good way to go about promoting your product, is to promote others. The article below is all about cross-promotion, and how to use it effectively to boost your brand. It covers some of the benefits, how to choose your partners, how to go about the actual promotion, and more to help make your cross-promotion marketing a success.

With a continually changing eCommerce landscape, digital business owners must regularly adapt to keep the sales flowing – and cross-promotion remains an easy, effective, and time-tested strategy that is too often overlooked!

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Grow Your Income Faster by Getting More Efficient with Building & Managing Client Sites

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Whether you’re looking to gain more income or more free time, or a bit of both, increasing your work efficiency is one of the best ways to do it. Highly efficient work increases your income per hour and gives you more flexibility in your work as a whole. But it’s easier said than done.

The article below will show you how to develop client websites using ManageWP. It talks in detail about five of the best features for optimizing site building and management, showing you how to use each one to boost your overall work efficiency.

Becoming more efficient at your work is a huge plus, especially if your job involves developing websites. You can pick up extra work if needed, and enjoy a feeling of satisfaction having completed your tasks quickly and accurately.

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Plugin Developer Stories: YouLive by Szabi Kisded

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YouLive is a WordPress plugin designed to help you use your website to boost your video views by broadcasting them from your WordPress site straight to your YouTube channel as a live broadcast.

The creator, Szabi Kisded, talks about the plugin in the interview below. They cover the plugin’s functions in more detail and how the project got started, and well as a few of the challenges and decisions that were made along the way. He closes with a bit about what else he has in the works, and what’s planned next for the YouLive plugin.

Szabi Kisded is the developer of YouLive which is a plugin to help video content creators integrate their broadcasts into their WordPress sites. Szabi talks about how they got their start with WordPress, the decision to sell the plugin through CodeCanyon and general advice on developing and promoting WordPress plugins.

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20 Ways to Get More WordPress Web Design Clients [List]

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Obtaining clients is one of the trickier parts of running your own business. Things can be going great for a while, and then a lack of clients brings your business to a crawl. You need good ways to keep clients coming in to keep your business healthy.

Below is an article created based on a poll of over 600 WordPress consultants, asking how they go about getting design clients. It goes over the most common answers quickly, but the focus of the article is twenty of the more original and creative ideas they received for keeping those all important clients coming in.

I think we can all agree that one of the most stressful things about having your own business is bringing in new clients. Have you ever wondered how others are doing it and seem to be doing so well at it? We did too! So, we polled 640 WordPress consultants to get their top tips on how to find WordPress web design clients. You’re going to love these tips!

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Interview with Rich Tabor Founder of ThemeBeans Theme Business & CoBlocks Plugin (Acquired by GoDaddy) [Interview]

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Rich Tabor is the creator of CoBlocks, a helpful set of content blocks made to help build amazing pages in the Gutenberg editor. He also runs a digital agency, a WordPress theme shop, and more. The next step for him is a senior project manager for GoDaddy.

In the interview below he covers various topics about his work, from the creation of CoBlocks to future business plans, and how its been making the move to working for GoDaddy. He closes with some advice for others looking ot build a business in the WordPress industry, so be sure to check it out.

Rich Tabor is taking CoBlocks and his other work to GoDaddy, where he’ll continue to development experiences for using WordPress with Gutenberg. Following the acquisition, Rich Tabor is transitioning to a new role now as Senior Product Manager of WordPress Experience with GoDaddy. In the past three years, Rich founded a digital agency, launched a popular PhotoShop resource site, and started ThemeBeans, a successful WordPress theme shop.

Read full article: “Become the best version of yourself.” An Interview with Rich Tabor

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10 Tips to Get Clients to Pay On Time [List]

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Freelance, web development, or other client-based businesses have a lto of appeal. However, one problem any of these face is delayed payments from your clients. There’s several reasons this can happen, but waiting days or longer to get money you’ve already worked for can be both frustrating and difficult to budget around.

While not everything is in your control, the article below will show you how to greatly increase the rate of timely payments. It goes through ten different tips one at a time, offering plenty of ways you can approach the problem. You can follow all ten or look through the list and find the solutions that best fit you and your clients.

It’s every business owner’s fantasy to have invoices paid on a timely basis: immediately upon receipt, without clients questioning the amount or delaying getting the funds together for even one day. If you’re wondering how to get clients to pay on time, we’ve got answers on how to make it happen.

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Want to Learn to Code?  Start Here.

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Coding is a useful and often rewarding skill, with a wide variety of applications. It gives you a lot of options in field, and has the potential to pay quite nicely as well. But if you’re unfamiliar with how to do it, the learning curve can be a little steep.

The article below aims to make it a bit easier by helping you decide what you want to do with your coding skills and what languages would be best to focus on. It then offers some suggestions for where to get started learning the code and building up your skills until you’re ready to take on higher level coding projects.

Congratulations! You’ve decided you want to learn to code. Whether it’s because you’re interested in tech, or you want a high-paying career — you’re in the right place. How do you learn to code? It’s a big question. And to be clear: There’s no one right answer. We’re here to help. We’ll walk you through how to get started learning to code for the web, how to set goals, how to pick a language, and how to stay motivated to keep learning.

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How to Create a Recurring Revenue WordPress Business (Real Life Example) [Interview]

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Recurring revenue is one of the major goals of online business, but it can be difficult to achieve. However, with the right approach, it isn’t out of reach. Suraj Sodha and his WPMaintain company is just one example of someone who’s pulled it off.

The podcast and article below tells the story of how he managed it, from who he is and the humble beginning of his career, all the way up to full-fledged WordPress company. There’s plenty to learn from his success, so check it out below.

WP Elevation alumnus Suraj Sodha tells the story of how he found great value (and profitability) in recurring revenue business models. But he didn’t stop at selling WordPress maintenance plans to clients. Suraj created WPMaintain, a WordPress maintenance company solely dedicated to providing top-notch after-care for website owners and other web designers.

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How to Setup an Affiliate Program for Your WordPress Plugin Business

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Marketing is an important part of selling any product, and it can oftentimes be tricky to know how to do it right. One important option to consider for marketing a WordPress plugin is setting up an affiliate program.

A properly run affiliate program has the possibility to benefit everyone involved, by getting your affiliates some extra income and you the sales you need. The article below will show you some of the best affiliate marketing plugins and platforms available and take you through the features and pricing of each to help determine which might be right for you.

So, you’ve finalized your newest WordPress plugin and are promoting it across all channels available to you. You’ve written about your plugin on your website. You have shared the breaking news on all of your social media networks. But there is more to be done. In fact, as a product creator, you should be thinking about setting up an affiliate program for your WordPress plugin.

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7 Web Certifications Increase Credibility & GrowYour Earnings [List]

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If someone is hiring you to do a job for them, particularly if they’re paying good money for it, they want some assurance that you’ll do the job well. A prior work history and client testimonials can help with this, but for web design another good option is a web design certification.

However, not every certification out there will be worth the time it takes to earn. The article below will take you through seven of the best for boosting your credibility, and your earnings with it, explaining a bit about each, their costs, and how to get started with each one.

Not every web design certification is created equal. Many are built for those new to design—students, new graduates, and people starting out with their first clients. Some are more technical, helping more experienced designers and developers understand specialized topics like front-end development frameworks and digital marketing tools. Others… well, let’s say some others just aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on. So how can you separate the wheat from the chaff?

Read full article: 7 web design certifications you can use to increase your hourly rate

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How to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing [Guide]

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Passive income is a great thing to have. It still takes work to set up, and to keep increasing your income rate, but your income isn’t limited to just the hours you spend working. One great way to bring in this kind of constant income is affiliate marketing.

The article below will explain what it is, how it works, and how to get started. It takes you through a seven step process to not only get accepted as an affiliate, but to do it well, track your progress as you go, and find areas to improve to keep your passive income coming in.

Affiliate marketing is about making money. Gobs of money. Money for doing nothing. At least that’s what a quick Google search would have you believe, but as usual, the truth is a little more complex than that. Yes, you can make money through affiliate marketing. Good money. And, yes, you can even make money while you sleep. Here’s how.

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The Ultimate List of Digital Products You Can Sell Online & Start Making Money

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Digital products have a lot of appeal, and a very large market. You can create something, put it up for sale, and sell any number of copies without having to worry about supply costs or manufacture for each one.

Whether you want to simply want to start an online store and haven’t decided what to sell, or have a passion for creating something you’re looking to monetize, the guide below will be of aid. It contains a massive list of just about every digital product you can sell, broken down into categories from software to video, art, courses, and so much more.

It’s the age of the digital product. If you’ve got a bit of passion and some skills or knowledge in a certain area, there’s probably a way to monetize it! Stuck for ideas? Here’s the ultimate list of digital products you can sell online.

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How to Leverage the Lifetime Value of Members to Grow Your Membership Business

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A lot of the information you can find about running a membership site focuses on either drawing in new members, or dealing with membership churn. Both of these are important, but they aren’t all there is.

The article below focuses on long-term members, and the value they provide to your business over long periods of time. It talks a bit about retaining members for the long term, and how to grow a community around those members that benefits them, as well as the cumulative, continued growth of your membership website.

One of the best things about running a membership site is that your success isn’t necessarily all about the number of new sales you make, or even member churn. The truth is, your growth and success can be measured by the long-term value of your members – but what does that entail? In this post, we discuss the significance of long-term member value and how you can tap into it to maximize your membership results.

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Plugin Developer Stories: Edivently by Martin Shiderov

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Edivently is a WordPress plugin geared towards managing and selling online courses. Learning a wide variety of topics online is an increasingly popular choice, so online courses are a good business choice for people with a wide variety of skills.

Below is an interview with Martin Shiderov, the creator of the plugin, who answers questions about the creation process, marketing strategies, and other choices made along the way. He gives some advice to other plugin creators as well, before closing with a look into what’s planned for the plugin next.

Paid online training is a hot area for generating income these days. Edivently is a new plugin that turns any WordPress installation into a simple learning management system for building and selling online courses. Martin Shiderov, the creator of Edivently, was nice enough to answer my questions about starting his plugin (including picking the unique name), the challenges of building such a complete learning management system and his thoughts on using Envato to handle his sales.

Read full article: Edivently by Martin Shiderov

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