Why WordPress Needs Gutenberg (& the Future of Page Builders)

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WordPress Gutenberg Demo

WordPress is the largest CMS in the world, powering ~1/3 of all websites.  The WordPress editing experience hasn't changed much in over a decade and Gutenberg now aims to completely reinvent it.  That's a big deal.

It won't be easy, but here's 1) why it's worth it and 2) what it means for page builders.

The Wild West

The WordPress ecosystem has been trying to improve the site editing experience since before plugins entered core in WordPress 1.2 (2004).  There have been page builders, theme frameworks, front-end editors, etc. all trying to improve the WordPress experience.

Like every meaningful advancement, there are these wild west days of churn to find something that works.  There have been a lot of great tools and learnings, but there has also been a lot of fragmentation across dozens of page builders, theme frameworks, etc. that don’t work well together.

If you’ve been around WordPress for a while you’ve seen some cringe-worthy examples of this.  For example, a site with a bloated “multipurpose” theme…using a page builder…and using WooCommerce or some similar monstrosity. It’s a mess.

Why do we have page builders, theme frameworks, shortcodes, custom post types, and more?  All to fill the gap between what WordPress core does and what users want.

What Users Want vs. What WordPress & Page Builders Do
What Users Want vs. What WordPress & Page Builders Do

WordPress is a Broken System

The WordPress ecosystem is built around a broken system with bloated themes, widgets, shortcodes, custom post types, menu items, page builders, etc.  These DO NOT exist because they’re the best way to build a website.  They DO exist because they’re compensating for WordPress’s shortcomings in fulfilling users' needs.

Gutenberg aims to standardize and add these foundational elements that WordPress lacks.

Gutenberg: Everything is a Block
Gutenberg-ization: Everything is a Block

While experienced users may be used to this (like you get used to a bad knee and don’t notice limping), it’s a bad experience for new users and it’s holding WordPress back.

This is why WordPress needs Gutenberg.

Will Gutenberg Kill Page Builders?

This is a question I see asked a lot.  The answer is yes, but not how you think.

TL;DR “page builder” is a description of “how” page builders work, not “what” page builders do from a jobs-to-be-done (JTBD) perspective.  There will always be a market for the what.  It’s only the how that’s changing.

For example, page builders provide a flexible interface (modules, drag & drop, etc.) that gives customers advanced customization beyond WordPress core.  The flexible interface is only relevant because it enables the customization.  The customization is what customers want.

What WordPress page Builders Do
Page builders had to provide a flexible interface in order to provide customization. Gutenberg is changing this.

To reiterate, the only reason page builders provided the interface (via their own frameworks) was because WordPress didn’t.  They had to provide the interface in order to give users what they want.

In a sense, Gutenberg frees page builders to focus on what customers actually pay them for: advanced customization beyond what WordPress core does (or will ever do).

Page Builders Will Evolve into Customizers…

Over the next few years as Gutenberg develops we’ll see page builders migrate from their old (own) frameworks to Gutenberg and evolve from page builders into customizers.

This should provide a major advantage as they can redeploy resources from maintaining (and supporting) their own frameworks to focus on building the best customization experience in innovative ways.

What WordPress Page Builders Did
Gutenberg allows page builders to focus on what customers actually pay for: advanced customization beyond what WordPress core offers.

But will pure customization be a big enough market for customizers (page builders) to thrive in the future?  Oh, yeah!  Here's why:

  1. Gutenberg will be in 100% of WordPress installs 5.0 and later–far that more any page builder today.
  2. A more flexible, easier to use core editing experience will only accelerate WordPress growth, meaning a larger TAM (total addressable market) for customizers.
  3. Customers are divinely discontent.  Their expectations will continue to rise as they always have.  Only page builders customizers that leverage Gutenberg and focus resources on improving the customization experience will meet these growing expectations.
  4. Bloated multipurpose themes will die out as functionality shifts out of themes.

There will be thousands of new opportunities to make money with WordPress. The future is bright for those who adapt.

And Some Page Builders Won't Evolve at All

There will also be page builders that fail to make the transition.  They’ll try to stay relevant by adding “Gutenberg compatibility” with their old page builder frameworks.  This is like adding “electric compatibility” to gas-powered vehicles–it misses the point.  Perfect reasoning from wrong premises.

But we can’t fault page builders for behaving this way.  Switching to Gutenberg when you have a paying customer base using your old framework seems counterintuitive.  Companies are supposed to leverage their advantages, not destroy them, right?

They're sticking to what made them successful in the past, oblivious that it'll doom them in the future.  Sometimes you have to disrupt yourself before somebody else does.  The hard part is knowing when.

This is the classic problem with incumbents.  For example, despite being one of the first to mobile, Microsoft was too focused on what made it successful in the past and ported Windows to mobile (made Windows mobile compatible) rather than thinking mobile-first like Apple and Android.  Sound familiar?

On Resistance to Gutenberg

There’s resistance to Gutenberg in the community, primarily by existing WordPress users used to the way things are.  If you’re an existing WordPress user (especially a freelancer or agency) it can be scary to think about how this could impact your business.  Some reasonable questions and concerns are:

  • Will this make it so clients don’t need my services?
  • I already have tools and a system that works for me, will this break them?
  • I don’t have time to learn anything new.
  • This just creates more work I don’t get paid for.
  • The plugins and themes I rely on won't work anymore.

…and dozens more.These are all reasonable concerns and the uncertainty of not having answers can create fear that manifests as resistance and anger, especially when livelihoods are at stake.

The WordPress team could have handled the approach and messaging around Gutenberg better.  If existing users (especially WordPress professionals and plugins/theme authors) were brought along better, then Gutenberg would have more community support.

But this is very hard work and they’re human.  They’re also volunteers dedicating a nontrivial amount of their limited time on this earth to improving a project we all rely on and use for free…so let’s cut them some slack, appreciate their efforts and contribute through constructive criticism.  This is what makes WordPress great.

The great thing is that the only reason this is happening (people passionate about making WordPress better and people passionate about not ruining it) is because we all care deeply about WordPress.  Remember, this is what makes WordPress great!  Let's get through it together.

Gutenberg still has a long way to go to earn the confidence of the community and it’ll take more than just polishing the experience.  It'll take listening to the community, addressing the concerns around Gutenberg like helping existing professionals adapt to the change, ensuring more plugins are compatible, etc.  Even hosts should be involved and educating their customer bases.

This is a community project and it’ll take the community to make it successful.  When it is, we’ll all have more of the growing WordPress pie.

Here's to 50% and the next 15 years.🍺

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ProfitPress Roundup: Issue #4

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In this issue of the ProfitPress Roundup we've curated more of the best articles to help you make more money with WordPress.

We recently published our thoughts on Gutenberg in Why WordPress Needs Gutenberg (& the Future of Page Builders).  Check it out and let us know what you think!

On to the roundup!

The Roundup

Plugin & Theme Developers

Launching a WordPress Plugin or Theme? Use This List of 60+ Sites to Jumpstart Sales

What’s the hardest part of any business?  Distribution.  Getting your product out there in from of prospective customers in order to generate sales is hard!  So, we thought we’d help you out.  Here's a list of sites for PR to jumpstart your WordPress business.

How to Sustain Growth after Launching WordPress Plugins & Themes

Getting a plugin to market takes a lot of hard work. But once you’ve crossed that major hurdle for your product and your business, you’ve still got some work to do.  From customer support to bug fixes and content updates, there are several ways to keep a product current, relevant, and growing even well after its initial release.

Should You Sell Premium WordPress Themes on ThemeForest?

Have you ever created a premium WordPress theme?  If so, a big consideration is where to sell it. You could sell it yourself or you could post it to one of the existing theme marketplaces.  Here's we'll help you evaluate whether ThemeForest, the largest WordPress theme marketplace, is right for your premium WordPress theme business.

How to Manage WordPress Plugin & Theme Renewal Discounts

Are renewal discounts right for your WordPress theme or plugin business?  Learn the ins and outs, and dos and don’ts, of renewal discounts for WordPress themes and plugins to make an informed decision on whether to offer these types of deals to your own customers.

How to Offer Free Trials for Your WordPress Plugins or Themes Business

When you own a WordPress plugin or theme business, the big challenge is getting enough people to pay for it. This is where free trials come in. Free trials come in many forms, but if done right they can boost conversions. This article goes in-depth into all the options, advantages, and considerations, covering everything you need to know about free trials for a WordPress plugin or theme business.

Freelancers & Agencies

How to Add Recurring Income to Your WordPress Business

WordPress agencies and freelancers typically live on a constant stream of clients. Finish one job, get paid, and move onto the next. This can function as a steady income stream, but the constant need for more work limits the flexibility that many people are looking for from this kind of job. The ideal solution for many is recurring income.

Hosting & WordPress Multisite

How Edublogs Makes Money with WordPress Multisite

WordPress multisite is a powerful tool that allows you to host thousands (even millions) of website w\on a single WordPress install.  This is great, but how can you make money with WordPress this way?  This post is about how Edublogs does it.

Blogging, Content & Writing

A Guide to Making Money with Curated Content Websites on WordPress

With all the articles out there on just about every topic you can think of, content curation sites make finding them easy by gathering that information together in one place. This how-to guide lists several ways you can monetize your WordPress a content curation website.

3 Ways to Make Money With a WordPress Blog

Blogging is a passion for a lot of people and it takes that passion and interest in your topic to make a truly great blog. Blogging can also be a good source of income. With the right approach, you can monetize all the effort you put into your blog and live the dream of making money doing what you love with WordPress.

Make More Money from a WordPress Blog with Niches

Running a blog is an ideal way of making money for a lot of people. And if you’re successful enough, it can even bring in your full-time income. But how do you get to that point?  This walks you through the process of finding the right niche for you and your audience to help your website shine.

How to Make Money with a WordPress Blog

Are you looking for ways to make money from your WordPress blog? You need to know what options are available to you, some of the specific methods you could use to go about each one, and possibly most importantly of all, how to do the research and find out which method is right for you, your content, and your audience. All of that is exactly the knowledge this article aims to give you.

Ways to Make Money with WordPress

14 Things You Can Make With WordPress (& Maybe Make Money!)

Blogs are great and WordPress is an excellent platform for blogging, but WordPress can do a lot more.  Here are 14 things you can do with WordPress to start making more money.

The Top 12 Digital Products to Sell Online

There are numerous advantages to digital products over physical: ease of production and distribution being chief among them. Here's a list of the 12 most popular kinds of digital goods, from software to online courses, and much more to help you make money with WordPress.


10 Ways To Market Your WordPress Product

After you’ve put a lot of time and effort into creating a high-quality WordPress product to sell, you might be tempted to simply put it up for sale and let the money come in as you move to your next project. Unfortunately, that often isn’t an option. Getting sales requires marketing. This article gives you 10 ways to get the word out and get customers.

Exclusive Content

WordPress & Remote Job Listings

Remember to check out the new WordPress and Remote jobs page.  It has a curated list of 100+ job resources for WordPress and Remote (non-WordPress specific) jobs.

Guide on Making Money with WordPress

We've created the ultimate guide on how to make money with WordPress.  It covers how to make money with WordPress full-time or part time for all different specialties.

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ProfitPress Roundup: Issue #3

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In this issue of the ProfitPress Roundup we've curated more of the best articles to help you make more money with WordPress.

Last week we published our new Ultimate Guide on How to Make Money with WordPress.  Check it out and let us know what you think!

On to the roundup!

The Roundup

Freelancers & Agencies

How to Start Freelancing & Get Your First Client

Freelancing is a great way to make money online, and the best place to begin if you’re just starting out with your own online business. It doesn’t take much to get started, but passing that hurdle of getting your first client can be a real challenge.

A Guide to Finding Your Perfect Clients

Clients are the lifeblood of many a business model. You need them to drive your work, pay your bills, and to really have a business running at all. So it might seem like the best thing to do is go out and call up as many potential clients as you can reach. But bad clients can ruin work you enjoy, and reaching out to clients that aren’t really suited for the exact services and approach of your business can both waste a lot of your time and hurt your growth.

How Company Blogs Can Earn You More Clients & Projects

Blogs are a powerful, and often under-rated, tool for businesses of nearly any type. This, in turn, makes them a useful tool for web developers. If you deliver a well-designed blog to your client as part of their site, it will likely increase their traffic, revenue, and the overall effectiveness of their website: earning better testimonials and a better reputation for you.

15 Questions to Make Killer Client Proposals

Understanding your client is the biggest part of winning their business and exceeding their expectations to gain more business in the future.  This starts with the client proposal. A great client proposal positions you as a reliable professionals and sets the tone for the project.  Here are the 15 must-ask questions to deliver winning client proposals.

How to Add Recurring Revenue to Your WordPress Business with Client Reports

For a website creation and designing business, one of the most important things you can do is make it clear to your potential clients that your services provide a positive return on investment. This isn’t just limited to building the site initially. If you can convince a client to pay you to continually upkeep the site, the recurring income will provide you with a good bit of stability and freedom in your work.

How to Grow Your WordPress Business with Fiverr

When it comes to platforms for finding clients and trying to grow your WordPress business, Fiverr probably isn’t the first place that comes to mind. However, despite its low base price point, if used correctly it can be a very powerful tool and can be a very helpful addition as part of your overall strategy.

Online Courses

The Ultimate Guide to Creating & Selling Online Courses

Online courses can do a lot of things. They’re a great way to share your knowledge and help others, and they can make you quite a bit of money in the process. But creating them can take a lot of work and time, and if you don’t sell them right, that can be a lot of wasted effort.

Building Products

Not sure what WordPress Product to build? Read this!

If you want to create a startup, or launch a business creating products, it can be hard to narrow your options. Even when you have a good idea of what you want to do, creating WordPress products, for instance, you’re still left with a lot of choices.  Here's how to decide what to build.

Starting a Hosting Business

How to Start a WordPress Hosting Business with Multisite

WordPress Multisite is a powerful tool that allows you to host many different sites within a single WordPress installation. Among its many advantages, such as making management of many sites both easier and cheaper, one of the most prominent has to be its usefulness for web hosting businesses.


The Key to Making Money from Your Blog: Great Content

There are several things you need in order to make money blogging. Keywords, marketing, SEO optimizations, etc., are all important; but the single most important aspect of running a successful blog is the content.

Affiliate Marketing

How to Create an Amazon Affiliates Site With WooCommerce

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to make money online, but its not easy–competition is high. But if you have a hobby or interest that aligns well with affiliate opportunities then in might be fore you.  This guide will show you how to get started with the Amazon Associates affiliate program using a WooCommerce site.

Ways to Make More Money with WordPress

21 Ways to Make Money with WordPress

WordPress is huge, as are the opportunities it can provide you. If you enjoy working with WordPress and want to make a living from it there are numerous ways you can go about it.  Here are 21 ways to make money with WordPress, many of which don't require knowing how to code.

Exclusive Content

WordPress & Remote Job Listings

Remember to check out the new WordPress and Remote jobs page.  It has a curated list of 100+ job resources for WordPress and Remote (non-WordPress specific) jobs.

Guide on Making Money with WordPress

We've created the ultimate guide on how to make money with WordPress.  It covers how to make money with WordPress full-time or part time for all different specialties.

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WordPress Glossary: The Jargon of WordPress

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WordPress Glossary & Definitions

One thing new WordPress users struggle with is the jargon–what do all of these words mean?  To help, I spent some time digging around and found some great WordPress glossaries.  Here are four of them:

Whenever you find a term you don't understand while working with WordPress, chances are the definition is in one of these glossaries.  Happy WordPressing!

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ProfitPress Roundup: Issue #2

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In this issue of the ProfitPress Roundup we've curated more of the best articles to help you make more money with WordPress.  Enjoy!

The Roundup

Productized Services

Why WordPress Professionals Should Consider Productized Services

Productized services are a relatively new path for WordPress freelancers who are tired of client.  Not only is it more scalable, but if done right it can also be a lot more profitable.  Learn how.

3 Productized Service Examples to Add to Your WordPress Business

Productized services offer new opportunities for WordPress professionals. They can be offered as add-on services or standalone services. This article offers 3 examples of productized consulting services that WordPress professionals can add to their offerings.

7 Steps to Building a Profitable Productized WordPress Service

If the last two articles have piqued your interest in productized services and you want to learn more about how to get started, then read on.  This 7-step guide will teach you how to productize your WordPress business.

Plugins & Themes

How to Sell WordPress Themes & Plugins to Enterprise Customers

Most WordPress professionals serve individuals and small business, but there’s another customer that’s willing to pay you more: Enterprises. If you can earn their trust and meet their needs, you may have what it takes to land your first enterprise customer.

Freelancers & Agencies

How to Start & Grow a Freelance Business: The Ultimate Guide

This guide focuses on getting more leads, growing referrals and streamlining how you get new clients–which will be one of the most important parts of sustaining and growing your business. There’s plenty of WordPress work to go around, but the best jobs are competitive–this guide will give you the edge you need to make it rain!

25 Ways for WordPress Freelancers to Get More Leads

The hardest part about life as a WordPress freelancers is consistently generating quality leads.  If you’re new to freelancing how do you first get that leads flywheel going over the first few years? Here are 25 ways to generate qualified leads that you can start doing today.

5 Ideas for Generations WordPress Web Design Leads

As the WordPress freelance market continues to grow it also continues to get more competitive, so we’re always looking for new ways to consistently generate quality leads. From coworking spaces to Upwork and online classifieds, this post gives you 5 new ways to generate leads for your freelance WordPress web design business.

The Ultimate WordPress Web Design Client Project Questionnaire

If you’ve been a WordPress freelancer for a while then you probably already know that how a client project begins is a pretty good indicator of how it will end up.  A questionnaire is your secret weapon to ensure you ask the right question every time and your client gives you everything you need to exceed their expectations. Here's how to create the ultimate WordPress client project questionnaire.

The WordPress Web Developer Honor Code

The average small business has a poor experience having their business website built on WordPress. As WordPress professionals, this is a failure on our part. If, as a community of WordPress professionals, we can align on the kind of consistent, quality experience we want to give out clients (the one they deserve), we’ll raise the bar in the WordPress ecosystem and our rates will raise accordingly.

How to Close More Leads With the Anti-Follow Up

Are you having trouble closing leads? Changing how you follow-up with prospective clients could help. Many freelancers follow up in a way that seems desperate, which could be a turn-off to prospective clients. Instead, try following up in a way that builds authority, positions you as an expert and builds a relationship.


Why (& How) to Use Value-Based Pricing to Sell WordPress Products & Services

As entrepreneurs (and especially as developers) we frequently undervalue our products and services. This not only leaves money on the table, but it’s also bad for your customers. Undercharging jeopardizes the future of the product or service they depend on. Paying what it’s worth supports the ongoing maintenance and development of the product. One way to fix this is with value-based pricing.

Ways to Make More Money with WordPress

How to Build a Successful Career with WordPress

WordPress powers around 1/3 of websites worldwide and has a thriving community of fans. Maybe you blog with WordPress, use it for your soccer team or church group. You’re familiar with WordPress and now you want to know if you can make a living with it. The answer is a resounding YES!

Jobs Page

If you haven’t visited ProfitPress since the relaunch we recommend checking out the new Jobs page.  It has a curated list of 100+ job resources for WordPress and Remote (non-WordPress specific) jobs.

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Introducing the WordPress & Remote Jobs Directory

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We're happy to announce that we've launched our job sites directory.  It focuses specifically on WordPress jobs and Remote jobs (non-WordPress specific).

Rather than including actual job listings, we opted to aggregrate the top sites for WordPress and Remote jobs.

WordPress Jobs

Despite how large the WordPress ecosystem is, there are surprisingly few places dedicated to WordPress jobs.  The highest quality WordPress job source we found was the Post Status Job Board.  Here's how they describe their process:

The Post Status Job Board is the best way to get a job in front of serious WordPress professionals. Likewise, it’s the best way for serious WordPress professionals to find qualified, full-time positions at great companies.

All jobs submitted to Post Status go through a review process with our editorial team, where we qualify the employer and position available; then we do our best to help accurately express the position to our audience, so that both applicant and employer know as much about one another as possible before the interview starts. Then, it’s up to you.

Excerpted from the Post Status Job Board

Explore Post Status and other WordPress job sites on our jobs page.

Remote Jobs

We were surprised how many remote job sites there were–there are over 100 remote job sites on our list!  Some serving all remote jobs, some were specific to programming language, geography and more.  Other sites focused on specialties like customer support, design, etc.  Explore them all here.

Happy Hunting!

We hope these job resources are helpful,  If you have any corrections or additions let us know on our contact page.  Click the button below to go to our jobs page.

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ProfitPress Roundup: Issue #1

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This week marks the 15th anniversary of the first WordPress release, version 0.7.  Happy birthday, WordPress!

Following our relaunch, this week also marks the first edition of our ProfitPress roundup with a hand-curated list of articles to help you make more money with WordPress.  Let's dive in!

The Roundup

Productized Services

How to Earn $15,000+/mo. with Productized Services

WordPress professionals typically offer services to clients that are high value, but low scale.  Productized services add constraints and narrow focus to systemize the process and consistently deliver it as a packaged service.  Learn how the author got to $15,000/month in recurring revenue after only two months and shows how you can do the same.

10 Productized Service Examples to Start Earning More Money

Here are 10 examples of productized services you can start offering to increase your income.  The author discusses how the productized service he created now generates $34,000/month in recurring revenue and is still going strong.

Plugins & Themes

How to Make More Revenue Selling WordPress Plugins & Themes

IconicWP, a WooCommerce plugin shop, started out selling on Envato but then transitioned to Freemius.  After switching to Freemius they doubled their WordPress plugin revenue in under a year.  Learn more about how they did it to see if you can apply these lessons to your business.

Ways to Make More Money

How to Make an Extra $1,000/mo. on the Side in 90 Days (Even with a Full-Time Job)

Here’s a real-life example of how to start making $1,000 a month with WordPress in less than 90 days, even with a full-time job.  Even if you choose to monetize your skills in a different way, this post has invaluable advice on how to get started.

How to Sell Audio & Music Online with WordPress

Selling music and other audio online is easier than it has ever been.  Sell songs, lectures, samples, audiobooks, lessons and more with various business models like memberships, licenses, individual files or as a service.  This is one of the best guides we’ve found on how to sell audio and music online with WordPress.

How WordPress Professionals Can Make More Money with Reseller Hosting

You build WordPress websites for clients, so why not also host them to add recurring revenue to your cashflow?  Recurring revenue from offering reseller hosting creates more predictable cashflow to level out the ebbs and flows of client work.  Learn how to add reseller hosting to your business.


5 Proven Ways to Make Money with Your WordPress Blog

You can find hundreds of articles on how to make money with a WordPress blog, but most don't deliver.  What sets this article apart is that it’s based on lessons learned from a blog that actually makes money.  Read on for proven lessons on how to effectively monetize your WordPress blog.

Freelancers & Agencies

Why & How WordPress Freelancers Should Diversify Income

Life as a freelancer has ups and downs with income.  You may be used to it, but it poses risks to the long-term health of your WordPress business.  Level out your income by diversifying the ways you generate revenue–it's easier than you think.

10 Ways to Make More Money as a WordPress Freelancer

Freelancing is great because you’re in control, work your own hours and can work from wherever you want.  But to be financially successful as a WordPress freelancer you have to charge rates that support your financial goals.Here are 10 tops for increasing your rates as a WordPress freelancer.

50+ Tools to Make Your WordPress Freelance Business Scale

Freelancing is great, but it’s a lot of work.  Using the right tools will simplify your workflow and automate redundant processes to help scale your business.  This list of tools for WordPress freelancers includes everything from scheduling  to storage tools to help your WordPress business scale.

How (& Why) You Can Make More Money by Retaining Clients

Searching for new clients is a big part of business, but retaining clients can often drive higher long-term revenue which is what makes businesses last.  Learn how to make your WordPress business more profitable and increase referrals by retaining clients.

24 Ways WordPress Web Professionals Can Diversify Income

Sometimes life as a WordPress freelancer can be feast or famine.  Adding different revenue streams to diversify your income not only helps level out your cashflow, but it also give you more options to reduce burnout.  Here are 24 ways to do it.

5 Ways to Create a Winning Marketing Strategy for Your WordPress Agency

Why should prospective clients hire your WordPress agency?  That question seems to be getting harder these days, but there are some things you can do to stand out and land more clients.

8 Tips for Creating a Successful WordPress Web Design Agency

Looking to start an web design agency?  It helps to learn from the experiences of those who have found success doing it.  Here are 8 tips for starting your own agency to get you started right.


If you haven't visited ProfitPress since the relaunch we recommend checking out the new Jobs page.  It has a curated list of 100+ job resources for WordPress and Remote (non-WordPress specific) jobs.

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Relaunching ProfitPress

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How to Make More Money with WordPress

A Failed Attempt

We originally launched ProfitPress in 2013 as a program to help WordPress freelancers make extra money by better monetizing low-value clients.  It was an interesting concept and fun to work on, but unsustainable as a standalone project.

Over the last few months we've been working to relaunch ProfitPress 2.0 with a new mission and a long-term approach.

Our New Mission

Our new mission is to help WordPress professionals earn more money. 

We're broadening our approach to help all WordPress professionals: freelancers, agencies, plugin/theme developers, bloggers and anyone else who makes money with WordPress.

WordPress powers 1/3 of all websites–it's powerful, versatile software and WordPress professionals wield that power.

But most WordPress professionals lack the knowledge to fully leverage that power–it's a different skill set.

ProfitPress closes that gap to help WordPress professionals understand their unique strengths & discover how to start making extra money.

Our New Approach

Our new approach is to build a valuable WordPress resource over the next 5 years through content curation, writing in-depth guides, exploring new business models, sharing where other WordPress professionals are finding success and more.

We'll also experiment with new plugins, frameworks and more.  We'll share these learnings in structured, easily searchable way (we've been experimenting with Algolia and it's awesome).

How ProfitPress is Organized

Here's how we've organized ProfitPress 2.0:

All resources are free.  We want ProfitPress 2.0 to be sustainable, so we'll look into monetizing with affiliate links, premium guides, memberships, etc. in the future.

We've just relaunched, so expect our limited content to steadily grow as we add new content.

Thanks and here's to earning more with WordPress!

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