How to Create a Recurring Revenue WordPress Business (Real Life Example) [Interview]

Recurring revenue is one of the major goals of online business, but it can be difficult to achieve. However, with the right approach, it isn’t out of reach. Suraj Sodha and his WPMaintain company is just one example of someone who’s pulled it off.

The podcast and article below tells the story of how he managed it, from who he is and the humble beginning of his career, all the way up to full-fledged WordPress company. There’s plenty to learn from his success, so check it out below.

WP Elevation alumnus Suraj Sodha tells the story of how he found great value (and profitability) in recurring revenue business models. But he didn’t stop at selling WordPress maintenance plans to clients. Suraj created WPMaintain, a WordPress maintenance company solely dedicated to providing top-notch after-care for website owners and other web designers.

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