Plugin Developer Stories: WP SVG by Daryll Doyle

There’s a lot you can do with scalable vector graphics, or SVG files, but they can be both difficult and dangerous to use with WordPress on their own. The WP SVG plugin, created by Daryll Doyle, aims to fix this by patching up security vulnerabilities and adding functionality to improve usability.

Below is an interview with the creator, where he talks about how he decided on the idea, how long it took to make, how he’s chosen to market it, and more. He gives some advice to new plugin creators as well, so be sure to check it out below.

I’m sure a lot of WordPress site owners and maintainers are unaware of the inherit security risks involved with the SVG file format. Daryll Doyle knows and he’s created a freemium plugin built on a custom library that sanitizes SVG files for WordPress. Daryll answered some of my questions about WP SVG, it’s free version and the sanitization library he wrote that powers the whole thing.

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