Should WordPress Web Professionals Sell Services on Fiverr?

A lot of professionals offering WordPeess services create their own websites or use existing WordPress specific sites to promote themselves and hire clients. While this can work great, another place to go you might have overlooked is Fiverr.

The article below is all about the pros and cons of selling WordPress services on Fiverr, from ease of setup and flexibility, to Fiverr’s commission rates and competition. If you’re trying to decide where to sell your services, make sure to give it a read to see if Fiverr might be the right platform for you.

Fiverr is often associated with low-quality services and people working for peanuts. That’s partly true, but things have changed significantly since the site’s early years.

Did you know that some basic SEO gigs currently start at $595? Other gigs start at $500, $400, or $300, so forget about the idea of getting everything for $5. Fiverr has allowed users to sell gigs above the $5 standard price since November 2015, and it created a large variety of services and prices.

Are you interested in selling WordPress services on Fiverr? This post is the perfect start for you! Here are the pros and cons of this activity.

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