How to Get Rich [Guide]

Getting rich, or at the very least making enough to easily and comfortably get by, is a dream a lot of people share. While nothing in guaranteed, the best way to make this dream real is hard work done right.

Below is an article containing every episode of the podcast series How to Get Rich, an interview with Nivi. There’s a write up as well covering every major point from across the series, covering topics such as setting goals, finding a career path, planning for the future, and so much more. The whole series is over two hours long, but the wealth of information contained makes it a worthy investment.

Naval is a prolific tech investor and founder of AngelList. We’re going to be talking about his thoughts on “How to get rich (without getting lucky).” We’re going to go through most of his thoughts in detail, give Naval a chance to expand on them and generally riff on the topic. He’ll probably throw in some ideas that he hasn’t even published before.

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