How WordPress Professionals Can Achieve Financial Security [Guide]

The freedom provided by freelance is one of its greatest selling points. You get more freedom over who you work with, your hours, and where you do your work. But that freedom can be crippled if you have to take on every piece of work you can get to barely make ends meet.

The article below is about financial security, and obtaining it as a WordPress freelancer. It takes you through a detailed, fifteen step process to greater stability, covering topics like finding the right start, looking for opportunities to increase income, managing expenses and much more.

According to a recent AND CO report, “Freedom is the new wealth.” What they’re referring to is the actual freedom that comes with being self-employed and away from the constraints of corporate life. Many of the surveyed freelancers reported serious issues with profitability, leaving me to wonder: Is professional freedom more valuable than financial freedom? I’m kidding. Of course, I’m not wondering that. I know for a fact that if you’re swimming in debt, struggling to stay in the black with your business and fighting for every single penny you earn, there is absolutely no freedom there. Today, I’m going to ask you to imagine a world where you had the security of knowing you were financially covered before you even begin work.

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