A Step-by-Step Guide for Pitching Website Redesigns to Clients [Guide]

As a web designer, doing website redesigns for existing sites can be a great win-win. They get a better and more optimized site, and you get paid. However, pitching the idea, and showing why they could use a redesign, can be a bit trickier to do without sounding insulting to their current site.

The article below is about how to do this tactfully. It covers four tips to help with this, from doing detailed research and presenting just the facts, to including the site owner’s ideas and tastes into your redesign where you can. Learning to do it well can help you win a greater number of clients, so it’s worth the read.

Pitching a website redesign is a tricky process. It can be hard to show why a redesign is needed without sounding as if you’re putting down the site’s current look. Plus, sometimes your potential client is the original designer, and insulting their skills or vision could ruin your relationship.

In this article, we’ll discuss some reasons why working on redesigns can be beneficial to your career. Then we’ll share four tips on how to approach website redesign pitches to help you land the job.

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