8 Key Tips for Freelancers on How to Follow Up with Clients

It can be disheartening when a client doesn’t respond to your message. But understanding why this occurred and following up to try to get the conversation back on track can be essential.

The article below will help you figure out how best to do this, from the situations that warrant a follow-up to how long you should wait. It then offers eight important tips for handling a follow up well, giving the tools you need to figure out what went wrong and win your clients back.

First you’re mildly annoyed. Then you’re frustrated. Then you’re worried. Then you panic. This is not playing out as you had envisioned.

Did they not like you? Did they change their mind? Did they find a faster or cheaper solution?

Possibly none of the above. Possibly all of the above. For whatever reason, when people don’t respond, you begin to have doubts about yourself, what you said, what you did. But don’t let those doubts or concerns take over. It’s time to follow up, determine what caused the lapse in communication, and get the conversation back on track. Here’s how to do it right.

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