How to Make Money Online Working from Home (the RIGHT way!) [List]

There are thousands of articles on how to make money online working from home.  There’s probably at least some truth to all of them, but they aren’t reliable, long-term money-making strategies that will build wealth.

For example, there are dozens of ways to earn money online making $5/hr. doing menial tasks or $2/hr. filling out surveys, but don’t you want more than that?  Now, let’s talk about how!

Here’s an overview of what we’ll cover:

How to Make Money Online Working from Home

If you want to earn real money online working from home, like $25/hr., $50/hr. and over $100/hr., then you’ll have to take a smarter approach.

You need to invest in building rare & valuable skills that people are willing to pay you well for.  This will help you earn more and make it easier to find work online.

This guide is your path to understanding how to develop valuable skills, so you can earn money online working from home.

FAQ: Is This Money-Making Guide for You?

Before we dive in, let’s cover some frequently asked questions about this guide.

This guide is specifically on how to make money online working from home, but this approach works well for any career–online or off!

The guide shows you how to start a profitable online career that lets you work from anywhere along with helpful tips on how to be successful.

Do I need preexisting skills to use this guide?

Nope, we assume that you don’t have any preexisting skills.  This guide can be used by beginners or experts.

Is this an easy way to make money?

No, there aren’t any reliable, long-term “easy” ways to make real money (over $100,000/yr.).  This is the easiest, most reliable method we’ve found, but it will take hard work.

Will this make me money fast?

No, this will take hard work and hours of investment to develop your skills.  Depending on your current skill level and the skills you choose to develop it could take years to achieve mastery.

Has this method actually worked for anyone?

Yes, in fact I’m one of the people it worked for!  That’s why I’m finally sharing it in this article.  This method has also worked for hundreds of thousands of people just like you.

What results should I expect?

That’s hard to estimate because it depends on the skills you choose to develop, your industry, how much effort you put in, how well you execute, etc.  There are a LOT of factors.

However, I typically tell people to aim for earning $100,000/yr. online working for home within 5 years if they work hard and stay committed.

What if I don’t want to work from home?

That’s fine too, skills are valuable whether you work from home or not.  We focus on working from home because that means you can work from anywhere–the choice is yours!

What’s the #1 reason people fail?

Lack of determination, commitment, work ethic, etc., whatever you want to call it.  Developing skills is hard and takes a long time.  It takes a LOT of work and some people would rather watch TV, play video games, etc.

It’s especially hard if you already have a full-time job, you’re in school, have kids, etc. because your free time is already limited and you’re tired when you get home.  There are some ways to make this easier, which we’ll go over.

The other side of this is that some skill/career paths just don’t make sense or just aren’t a good fit for you.  Knowing the difference between when to persist and when to pivot to something else is very difficult.

Ok, this all sounds great, but what’s the catch?  How much does this all cost?

This costs nothing except your time.  This isn’t a paid course (though it may be in the future).  All of the content is freely available in this article.

There are some recommended books towards the end that are very helpful in developing the right t mindset, but you could probably find them at the library or at a used book store if you don’t want to get them from Amazon.

If it still sounds like this guide on how to make money online working from home is right for you, then let’s dive in.  We’ll start with understanding what makes skills valuable.

What Makes Skills Valuable Enough to Make You Money?

Here’s the simple truth: If you want to make $100/hr. then two things have to be true:

  1. The work you do has to be worth more than you’re paid.  If you want to earn a lot, you have to create a lot of value.
  2. It shouldn’t be easy to hire someone with your same skillset and skill level for less.  In addition to being valuable, your skills also have to be rare.

In short, to earn over $100/hr. your skills must be rare (hard to replace) and valuable (worth paying a lot for).

This is pretty basic if you think about it: You wouldn’t pay more for something than it’s worth.  You also wouldn’t pay for something if you could easily get it cheaper somewhere else.

It’s all about value.

How Do You Get Valuable Money-Making Skills?

There are dozens of different skills, specialties and areas of expertise that businesses pay for every day.  Here are some of them:


  • Writing
  • Building Websites
  • Problem Solving
  • Programming
  • Operations
  • Customer Support
  • Management
  • Design
  • Accounting
  • Marketing
  • and thousands more!


  • Money Management
  • Insurance
  • Fashion
  • Skiing
  • Sports
  • Cooking
  • Retail
  • Video Games
  • Parenting
  • Construction
  • and thousands more!

There are billions of people who have the above skills and specialties, either through work or hobbies.  There’s nothing particularly valuable or interesting about any of them.  There are very few individual skills that are inherently rare and valuable.

What makes skills rare and valuable is 1) skill level and 2) skill combinations.

Skill Level

A casual writer isn’t valuable to a business, but a skilled copywriter could be worth millions.  Skills become valuable as we separate casual interest from world-class mastery honed over years of deliberate practice.

You could focus on becoming the best in the world at a single skill, but that’s very hard to do.  You’re better off by combining 2 or more better than average skills (top 25%) with each other.

Skill Combinations

There are fewer skilled copywriters than casual writers, but there are even fewer skilled copywriters with expertise in particular areas (a specialty).

Bringing skills and specialties together quickly raises their value.  And by doing this you only have to be in the top 25% rather than being the very best, which is very achievable.

For example, how many great writers (skill) know a lot about construction (specialty)?  Or how many phenomenal accountants (skill) know retail (specialty) extremely well?  Not very many.  This is where we start seeing rare and valuable skills emerge.

This is also a much faster path since it’s a lot easier to be in the top 25% than to be the very best.

Valuable Skills to Make Money Online Working from Home

Alright, so you need skills to make money and having multiple skills and specialties makes you more money.  Everybody knows that…right?

Maybe, but knowing what to do and knowing how to do it are different things.  That’s why:

  • The average salary in the US is only $45,000, which means half of people earn less than that.
  • Only 3% of people work from home at least half the time.
  • A very small number of people work from home full-time and earn over $100,000 a year.

Our goal is to get you on a path to building the skills you need to earn more money online working from home.

But first, there’s one more thing we need to cover…

Being Great Won’t Make You Money if Nobody Knows

No matter how skilled you become, it won’t matter if nobody knows.

For example, someone lesser skilled but great at self-promotion will almost always earn more than someone more skilled and lesser known.

We’re not talking about the shameless, cringeworthy kind of self-promotion you might be thinking of. We’re talking about making it easy for people to see how the work you do can help their business, so they want to hire you.

To do this you need a way to share your skills with the world, which also has other advantages:

  • Companies will be more likely to hire you: Hiring is always gamble, so companies want to minimize the risk of a bad hire. Seeing your skills in action makes you less risky and more likely to get hired–even over people who are more talented.
  • Open to New Opportunities: Even if you’re in a great job, wouldn’t it be great to get an even better offer from another company?
  • Showing Your Skills is a Skill: The ability to show off your skill and the value that you deliver is a skill.  Developing this ability only makes you more valuable (and makes you more money).

That’s why in addition to helping you build your skills we’ll also help you show them off.  To do this we’ll add one more skill, which we’ll call your Platform.  Think of your platform as a channel to show off your skills.

The ProfitPress Method: Platform, Skill, Specialty

There are multiple ways to build valuable skills, but we’re going to teach you the easiest method we’ve found that doesn’t require luck or any preexisting skills.

This won’t easy, but it is fantastically rewarding, and you’ll have a new set of valuable skills to jumpstart your career.

So, what’s this magic method?  It’s a framework we built to help you find profitable and rewarding ways to make money online.  We call it the ProfitPress Method.

The ProfitPress Method has 3 simple steps: Platform, Skill, Specialty.  Here’s a quick overview:

  • Platform: Which platform will you leverage to make money and share your skills?
  • Skill: What skills will we leverage?  (It’s ok if you don’t already have a skill.)
  • Specialty: What will you specialize in?  This is picking the niche where you’ll focus your efforts to become an authority.

This framework has proven incredibly effective.  We’ve even seen established professionals use this method as a career multiplier.  Now it’s your turn, so let’s get started!

Your Money-Making Platform

The platform is the foundation you’ll leverage to make money and share your skills with the world.

Choosing the wrong platform can significantly derail your efforts to make money online.

The platform you choose is important for multiple reasons:

  • It allows you to make money online working from home (our #1 goal).
  • It helps you tell the world about your work and attract attention.  Think of it as a 24/7, ever-growing portfolio of your work.
  • It acts as a force multiplier to amplify your work and take it to the next level.

Your platform is the foundation of your ability to start a successful money-making venture, regardless of whether it’s a business or a career working for a company.  To serve you well your platform must be flexible and viable long-term.


Your platform should provide you flexibility in how to make money.  Flexibility is important because if your primary money-making method becomes less viable a flexible platform will easily let you pivot to another.

A flexible platform also gives you other revenue streams to diversify and provide supplemental income.

Long-Term Viability

Your platform must be viable long-term to continue earning you money years from now.  We’re willing to invest hundreds of hours building these skills because we expect them to continue making us money in 10+ years.

Choosing a Platform to Make Money Online from Home

A platform is usually a technology since we want to be able to make money online with the most flexibility.  If your platform requires more than an internet connection and a computer, you might want to reconsider.

Maybe you already have a platform in mind, but if you don’t, we highly recommend WordPress. WordPress is a content management system (CMS) used to create website, blogs, online stores, directories and more.

WordPress is versatile enough to support just about any venture and is widely used.  In fact, WordPress powers 1/3 of all websites, more than any other website technology.  Here’s a look at WordPress market share:

WordPress powers 1/3 of all websites.

WordPress is so widely used that it greatly 1) increases your chances of finding good work and 2) gives you a wider range of options for your skill and specialty.

To help show to the flexibility of WordPress, here are some examples of ways to make money with WordPress online from home.

Examples of What You Can Make with WordPress

  • Paid directory for breweries
  • Specialized websites for law firms
  • Online marketing courses for jewelers
  • Selling premium themes & plugins
  • SaaS site builder for landing pages
  • Paid cryptocurrency newsletter
  • Video game review site
  • Affiliate fashion site
  • Selling hosting for churches
  • Create a reservation booking site
  • Make a wine membership site

  • Local real estate listings site
  • Sell homemade crafts
  • Social network for moms
  • Build fundraising sites for charities
  • Documentation sites for enterprises
  • Sell aerial drone footage
  • Make a paid job board
  • Worldwide skiing blog
  • Sell music and audio clips
  • Flip websites
  • and thousands more!

WordPress is strongly recommended as a platform choice, but it’s not required.  Use WordPress or your platform of choice for the next two sections.

Your Money-Making Skill

Now that we have a platform, we need a skill!

Your skill is the primary type of work you’ll do to generate income.  and your online money-making efforts will revolve around this skill.

Here are some example skills:

Make Money Online Skills
  • Teaching
  • Writing
  • Building Websites
  • Problem Solving
  • Programming
  • Operations

  • Customer Support
  • Management
  • Design
  • Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Sales

As you can see in the diversity of skills above, there are hundreds of potential skills you could use to make money online working from home.

How to Choose a Skill to Earn Money Online

There’s no right way to choose a skill, but here are some quick tips that might help:

  • Preexisting skills offer a head start.  It’s often easier if it’s a skill you already have experience with, but this isn’t required (especially if your goal is to change careers).
  • Standalone skills are highly recommended–I’m tempted to even say required since this is so important.  A standalone skill is a skill that you should be able to make money with outside of this framework.  This shows there’s sufficient demand for this skill.  The last thing we want is to invest in building a skill you can’t find work for!
  • You should enjoy the skill enough to be willing to dedicate hours to improving it.  Hours of deliberate practice is the only way you’ll get good enough to eventually earn over $100/hr.
  • Some skills are inherently more valuable than others.  For example, programming is often more valuable than writing.  This doesn’t mean one skill is better than another, just that some skills make it easier to earn more money.

How to Develop Your Money-Making Skills

Once you choose a skill, you’ll need to learn it and spend a lot of hours practicing to improve.  Your goal is to become among the top 25% at your chosen skill.

But expect your work to be subpar in the beginning, maybe even for a few years.

It takes a lot of time to get good, but don’t get discouraged.  This is one of the most important things beginners should remember.

Make Money Online Developing Skills

One of my favorite quotes is by Ira Glass explaining this early phase it and helped me get through it–maybe it’ll help you too.

Nobody tells this to beginners, I wish someone told me. All of us who do creative work, we get into it because we have good taste. But there is this gap.

For the first couple years you make stuff, it’s just not that good. It’s trying to be good, it has potential, but it’s not. But your taste, the thing that got you into the game, is still killer. And your taste is why your work disappoints you.

A lot of people never get past this phase, they quit. Most people I know who do interesting, creative work went through years of this. We know our work doesn’t have this special thing that we want it to have. We all go through this.

If you’re just starting out or you’re still in this phase, you gotta know its normal and the most important thing you can do is do a lot of work.  Put yourself on a deadline so that every week you will finish one story. It is only by going through a volume of work that you will close that gap, and your work will be as good as your ambitions.

And I took longer to figure out how to do this than anyone I’ve ever met. It’s gonna take awhile. It’s normal to take awhile. You’ve just gotta fight your way through.

– Ira Glass

So, how do you get better?

Getting Started Building Your Online Money-Making Skills

Skills I’ve chosen in the past are programming, writing and web design.  My preferred path of skill development is initially reading or watching videos on the skill.

Once I know the basics, I prefer practical application as soon as possible because I learn best by doing.  I do this through projects that force me to use the skill–usually personal projects or for friends and family.

There a lot of ways to improve your skills, so you may prefer a different method.  Here are some examples:

  • Books
  • Instructional videos (e.g. YouTube)
  • Industry blogs
  • Online courses
  • Bootcamps
  • Formal Education
  • Certifications
  • Projects for friends & family
  • Volunteer projects
  • Get a job related to the skill

Your preferred path (usually a mix of methods) is fine but try to start applying your skills as soon as you can.  This is usually good to do even before you feel ready to push yourself out of your comfort zone.

For example, one great practice method for writers is taking advantage of writing opportunities through Help A Reporter Out (HARO).  As example for an aspiring freelance website builder is building websites for friends and family or local nonprofits.  Practice, practice, practice.

How to Balance a Full-Time Job with Building New Skills

For those who are balancing full-time work, there is an excellent guide with tips on how to balance working full-time with developing your new skills. Some topics the guide covers:

  • Finding the right day job
  • Protecting your time
  • Building creative habits

Check out the full article here: How to balance full-time work with creative projects

How to Accelerate Learning & Jumpstart Your Authority (& Earning Potential)

Along with applying your skills early, an effective method is starting a blog documenting your learning journey from the very beginning.  Share what you’re learning as you learn it.

For example, share new techniques and concepts that you learn about in your own words (or video/audio, depending your preferred method).  Over time you’ll build a large amount of original content that’ll jumpstart your reputation as an authority.

You also have the option of monetizing this content down the road (e.g. publish your own book or course on the topic).

Can this actually work?  Absolutely!  I’ve done this before, but one of the best examples is what Pat Flynn did with Green Exam Academy:

Advanced Online Money-Making Skill Development

Once your skills are developed, depending on your income situation you may want to consider getting a job related to your new skill if you can find something that pays well enough.  You don’t want to jeopardize your ability to support yourself, but if you can find a way to get paid while practicing and getting professional mentoring then consider taking advantage of the opportunity!

I know that was quick and we could write a book about picking a skill and developing it, but that should be enough to get you started.  There are thousands of resources on this topic and how to learn new skills quickly.

Your Money-Making Specialty

Now that you have a skill and a platform, you need a specialty.  Your specialty is arguably the most important part of the ProfitPress Method.

Why is a specialty so important?  Your specially is how you’ll become a recognized authority, which will help you stand out and earn more money online over time.

Make Money Online Specialty
Rare & Valuable Skills: Earn More Money

How does this work?  Remember that most skills are common.  Millions of people have individual skills at various skill levels.

But as you become highly skilled and combine multiple skills together your value (and thus earning potential) rises dramatically!

Fewer people are as likely to have your skill combinations and skill levels.

How are Specialties Different from Skills?

There can be a lot of overlap between skills and specialty.  The easiest way to view it is that skills allow you to do something (e.g. write well, build amazing websites, take incredible pictures, teach complex topics in easy to understand ways, etc.).

Specialties, on the other hand, give you expert knowledge on a topic that can make you a recognized authority.  For example, maybe you know a lot about skiing, wine, finance or real estate.

That said, you may find that it works better for you to have two skills or two specialties.  This is ok–whatever works best for you.

For example, if you have two skills maybe you’re a world-class designer and web developer.  Or maybe you’re a great teacher and a great writer.

Or if you have two specialties, maybe you’re an expert at finance and M&A (mergers and acquisitions).  Or maybe you’re an authority on food and wine.

Notice that if you have two skills or two specialties it’s important that they complement each other well.  For example, it’d be challenging to find work as an expert on baseball and cheese.

Before settling on the skills and specialties that you want to invest in, you must ensure that there is sufficient market demand for the product you intend to make or career path you want to pursue.  There’s a lot of market research out there and you may even have to do your own by reaching out to experts and using industry sources.

Next, let’s talk about how to choose your specialty.

How to Choose a Specialty to Start Earning Money Online

Just like choosing a skill, there’s no right way to choose a specialty.  However, now that you have a platform and a skill, the more optimal specialty options start becoming more obvious and it gets easier to choose.

Here are some tips to help pick a specialty:

  • Specialties should complement your skill so that you gain leverage to accelerate the value of your total skillset and accumulate career capital faster.
  • Preexisting specialties offer a head start.  It’s easier if it’s an area you already have expertise in.  This helps a lot, but this isn’t required (especially if your goal is to switch careers).
  • Standalone specialties are highly recommended.  That is, you should be able to make money with the specialty outside of this framework.  This shows there’s enough market demand for this specialty.
  • You should enjoy the specialty enough to invest hours in improving it.  Spending hours on deliberate practice is how you’ll get good enough to eventually earn over $100/hr.  Enjoying it improves your chances of success.
  • Some specialties are more valuable than others.  This doesn’t mean one specialty is better than another, just that some specialties are easier to earn more money with.

How to Develop Your Money-Making Specialty

Developing a specialty is similar to developing skills, so refer to the How to Develop Your Skills section above, especially if you chose a second skill.  This section will focus on elements that are different with specialties.

Once you select a specialty your goal is to eventually become a recognized authority on that topic and in the top 25%.  To achieve this, you’ll need to invest hours in understanding your area of expertise inside and out.

Make Money Online Developing Skills

Depending on the area of expertise you choose, it could take months to develop foundational knowledge and years to become an expert.  Don’t let this discourage you because this is great news!  It means that your investment in building this knowledge sets you apart from those who don’t, which makes your expertise more valuable.

I won’t repost it here but read the quote by Ira Glass I shared above in the How to Develop Your Skills section.  It’s about the struggles of being a beginner and how to close the gap to achieve the high levels of work you’re capable of.

Getting Started Developing Your Online Money-Making Specialty

So, how do you develop your specialty expertise in order to put yourself on a path to becoming an authority?

Some typical starter resources are blog posts on the topic from industry experts, watching free videos (e.g. on YouTube) and listening to discussions and interviews on the topic.  Once you’re ready for more in-depth learning, here are some other options:

  • Books
  • Instructional videos (e.g. YouTube)
  • Industry blogs & podcasts
  • Academic papers
  • Online courses
  • Formal education
  • Certifications
  • Get a mentor who’s already an authority

There’s no right way to learn a new specialty.  If you’re sufficiently interested in the topic (which you should be), your drive to learn more will guide you.

How to Jumpstart Your Reputation as an Authority & Generate Income Early

One more thing I’ve seen people have success with (including myself) is starting a blog on the topic from the very beginning.  Share what you’re learning as you learn it.  As you learn about new concepts, write about them in your own words.

Over time you’ll build a volume of original, quality content that’ll give you a head start in building authority.  You can even monetize this content by turning it into a book, blog posts, an online course, etc.

Pat Flynn is one of the best examples of someone monetizing their learning with Green Exam Academy.  I highly recommend checking out the two resources below for ideas:

Advanced Skill Development of Your Online Money-Making Specialty

As you get more knowledgeable on the topic you should start to challenge your thinking by sharing your ideas with others and learning from them.  Here are some examples of how to do that:

  • Join a local meetup on the topic
  • Participate in an online forum
  • Attend a conference on the topic
  • Join a related professional organization
  • Leave comments on industry blog posts

Once you have sufficient knowledge on the topic you can start to share it with others and start building your authority.

If you haven’t already, this is a great time to start writing about your specialty on a blog, industry journal or something similar.

Regardless of how you start sharing your knowledge, it’s always good to have a blog or website as your home base (your platform) that links to all of your articles, social profiles, has your bio, etc.  One excellent source of writing opportunities to get your name out there (and get links back to your site) is Help A Reporter Out (HARO).

When you have sufficient expertise in your specialty and depending on your financial stability, you may consider getting a job or side gig related to your specialty.

You do NOT want to jeopardize your ability to support yourself, but if you can find a way to get paid while learning and getting professional mentoring then consider taking advantage of the opportunity!

We cover specialization a bit more in the context of consulting and freelancing in our article on 10 Steps to Success as a WordPress Consultant.

That was very brief and there’s a lot more we could talk about on choosing and developing a specialty, but that should get you started.

Helpful Recommendations to Succeed making Money Online from Home

Below are some additional recommendations that’ll increase your chances of success.  Remember, our goal is to give a way to make real money online working from home.  Not chump change, but real money, eventually earning you over $100,000/yr.

Don’t Follow Your Passion

“Follow your passion” is bad advice.  It’s just not realistic.  In a way, it expects the world to just hand you a profitable passion–that’s not how it works.

Real passion comes from being great at something.  Being great takes a lot of hard work–you have to earn it.  Invest in getting great at something then the passion will come.

Make Money Online Guidelines

Choose Skills that You Can Improve

Your work must require valuable skills that you can invest in continuously improving.  This is especially true if you don’t already have valuable skills.

A bad example would be a store clerk.  How different is the best checkout clerk from the worst?  Could the best clerk earn 10x as much as the worst clerk even if they specialized in hardware or groceries?

No, because 1) the skills aren’t valuable and 2) the skills can’t be dramatically improved.  Just about anyone could be a decent clerk after a couple weeks.

Pick a line of work where it means something to be good and those who excel are well compensated.

Choose Skills that the World Values

You need work that the world values, so you can get paid well for it.  Being great doesn’t matter if nobody will pay you for it.

Back to our last example, you could be the best store clerk in the world, but how much is someone willing to pay you?  If the answer is “not much” then you need to choose more valuable work.

Choose Skills that Don’t Require Luck or Getting Picked

You need work that doesn’t require getting “picked” (e.g. pop singer, NBA, etc.).  You want working hard and achieving excellence to lead to guaranteed success.  You want work where you’re in control and don’t have to rely on luck or being discovered.  You want to be in control of your life, not leave it to chance.

Don’t Chase Trends

Be wary of trends.  If you pick a skill or specialty that’s trendy, think twice about whether it’s a smart long-term investment of your time and energy.  An example is cryptocurrency, which is popular right now.

Trendiness doesn’t automatically disqualify a skill or specialty, it’s just a signal that you should double check to ensure it’s right for you long-term.

Get Paid to Learn

As soon as you’re able to get a job related to your new skill or specialty that you’re comfortable with, consider taking it.  I emphasize “comfortable with” because you don’t want to take a significant pay cut or make a major change that jeopardizes your financial stability.

However, taking a job related to your skill or specialty will allow you to essentially get paid to get better.  If you’re not ready to switch full-time jobs, then consider getting a side gig related to your specialty.

Do What Excites You

Try to pick something that you could get excited about or even obsessed with.  This is NOT the same as following your passion.

The goal here is to find something you’re genuinely interested in because it’ll be much easier to invest the many hours required to become world-class.  Remember, it’s only work if you’d rather be doing something else.

Get Your Finances Under Control

Making a lot of money won’t matter if you don’t manage it well.  Our goal isn’t just to make money online working from home, but to also build wealth.  Building wealth takes good financial habits and practices.

If you need help with budgeting then check out You Need a Budget (YNAB) at their website or check out the YNAB book.

Find the ‘Hard Work You’re Willing to Do’

Sometimes it’s helpful to say the same thing in different way to get it to click. Another way to frame this is to “find the hard work that you’re willing to do.” Here’s an excerpt from the article:

I realize that “Find your passion” makes for a more compelling motivational poster than “What hard problems do you enjoy working on?” (and even that’s a lot better than “What kind of pain are you willing to endure?”), but it might give some people a more realistic way to approach finding their life’s work.

Eugene Wallingford

There’s no way to develop valuable skills without working hard. But working hard gets a lot easier if it’s something you don’t mind doing because you’re willing to put in the hours and work harder than others. Think about the challenging things you’e enjoyed in the past and explore to discover more.

Recommended Reading to Develop a Winning Online Money-Making Mindset

There are a lot of books out there, but I’d like to share some books that I’ve read and highly recommend.  

If you think you don’t have enough time to read these books, then consider getting the audiobook versions from Audible and listening at the gym, on a commute, while walking the dog, etc.  Get the reading in wherever you can.

Make Money Online Recommended Reading

Try to find the time to read and give yourself an advantage–it’s worth it!

  • Career Advice: A short blog post on how to have achieve a successful career by combining multiple skills.  The ProfitPress Method was heavily inspired by this blog post.
  • So Good They Can’t Ignore You: If you want to succeed making money online (or in any career), this book is a must-read.  It’s hands-down the best career development book I’ve come across.  The ProfitPress Method was heavily inspired by this book.
  • Deep Work: The is the essential guide to focused success.  In order to create valuable skills, you must achieve mastery.  Deep work is the fastest path to mastering your new skills and start earning money online.
  • How to balance full-time work with creative projects: A guide to finding the right day job, protecting your time, and building creative habits.
  • The top 5%: A short blog on the power of niching down and specialization in your career.

Start Your Journey to Earning a Living Online Today!

The ProfitPress Method focuses on Platform, Skill and Specialty, which we walked through above.  It may not work for every different combination of skills, but it’s the most effective way we’ve found to get started on a profitable path to making money online working from home.

You’ll need to invest time exploring your options and mastering your skills, but you’ll eventually develop deep expertise and become an authority.  These valuable skills are what will help you to earn more and more money over time.

Why Do This? Why Start Now?

10 years from now your future-self will thank you for what you do today: A new habit you started to form, an asset you started to build, a skill you started to learn, a seed you planted.

You may not be sure where it will lead or what will come of it, but I can assure you that today is the day to start. Today is Day 1 — the first day of the rest of your life.

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