6 WordPress Commerce Business Easy to Start Without Inventory

One of the largest barriers to entry for starting up a store in inventory. You can’t run a store without something to sell, but buying up a sufficient inventory can take substantial startup costs. This applies to online stores as well, but not every product you can sell online requires an inventory.

The article below will take you through six types of sites you can build with WooCommerce that don’t require managing an inventory. It will go through the details of each one, explaining how they work and reasons they might be a good choice, as well as offering further reading for each one to help you get your business started off strong.

There’s a reason why WooCommerce + WordPress make for a winning combination — getting your online shop up and running only requires you to pick a hosting platform, set up the plugin and get started. We want you to start thinking of new possibilities to expand the reach of your business — your next big idea! Not only that, we want to get you thinking about setting up your online business, even if you don’t have any physical product to sell. Here are 6 ways to do it.

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