Plugin Developer Stories: ShortCode Cleaner by Mohamed Abd Elhalim

Shortcodes are a great way to make plugins easier to use and integrate into your posts and other WordPress content. However, if you need to remove or swap out plugins, they leave a lot of code throughout your site that needs to be cleaned up. The ShortCode Clearer plugin is a tool designed to do all of that work for you.

Below is an interview with its creator, Mohamed Abd Elhalim. He talks about how he got into WordPress, how the idea for the plugin came about, and several of the important choices they made along the way. If you’re interested in plugin development, the stories of other successful developers are a good way to learn, so be sure to give it a read.

I have been part of several WordPress projects for clients over the years that involved major switches in themes and plugins. Sweeping replacements like that can often lead to broken content that needs to be fixed by hand or carefully corrected with search and replace procedures on the database. These situations frequently include shortcodes inside of post content that are no longer functional and need to be removed. Mohamed Abd Elhalim experienced the same problems while he was developing WordPress themes so he decided to build an easy-to-use plugin that would automatically remove broken shortcodes from his sites. His plugin, Shortcode Cleaner, is a simple solution for cleaning broken WordPress content.

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