How to Regain Members Who’ve Churned From Your Membership Business

If your run a membership business, two of the most important things to focus on is drawing in new members, and keeping the ones you already have. A 0% churn is impossible to achieve, as some factors are beyond your control, but just because someone has left your membership, that doesn’t mean you can’t ever win them back.

The article below is aimed at helping you identify reasons churn might be happening, and steps you can take to win back lost members. It also provides some helpful example emails to illustrate the advice given, making it easy to understand and get to winning your churned members back to your site.

You’ve accepted that churn is an inevitable part of running a membership site, but what should you be doing to win back lost members – and how? It’s important to remember that members have lives of their own, and may cancel their memberships for a variety of reasons. Your job is to find out why they cancelled, what you can do about it, and to offer them a solution. Here’s how to do it right!

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