How to Pick Your Next Bootstrapped Business Idea

Starting your own business can be greatly rewarding. Not only in a monetary capacity, but also in freedom and personal accomplishment. But finding the right business can be a tricky task.

The article below will help you find your next self-started business idea by walking you through how to evaluate your goal, find out what you want out of the business, and then narrow down your choices enough to ultimately come to a decision. Starting a business is a large undertaking, so taking the time to ensure it’s the right fit for your goals is a worthy investment.

Most business ideas are neither objectively good nor bad. The quality of an idea for you (as a founder) depends on your goals, your skill set, and your risk tolerance.

Even the quintessential lousy idea of trying to “build the next Facebook” is not necessarily a bad idea. Someone will eventually pull it off – it just comes with an enormous amount of risk and requires one hell of a skill set.

So given a list of potential ideas, how should one go about picking The One?

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