How To Generate Recurring Revenue with WordPress Maintenance Services

Website maintenance is a good way to build yourself some recurring revenue to add to your income, and if you already run a WordPress design or development business, adding in maintenance services makes for a pretty smooth transition.

The article below will tell you all about it, from pricing plans to setting up the actual maintenance work, to selling your clients on the extra maintenance packages. It also has a helpful list of places you can outsource some maintenance work to if the extra work gets to be a bit too much, so it’s a great resource for anyone looking to add some passive income to their WordPress business.

How would you like an extra $100-$300+ per client every month? If your WordPress development, design or marketing business isn’t offering a WordPress site maintenance package you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. Give your clients peace of mind and spare them the horror they would suffer if left to their own devices, all while establishing yourself as their go-to, one-stop web solution. It’s a win-win!

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