Plugin Developer Stories: Heroic FAQs by Chris Mooney

Heroic FAQs is a WordPress plugin designed to managed your frequently asked questions easily. It greatly diminishes the time needed to create an FAQs page, and offers a great deal of customizability and control over the style and layout of your page.

Below is an interview with Chris Mooney from HeroThemes, one of the creators of the plugin. He talks about the idea behind the plugin, how their product work together, monetization choices, interface design, and more. If you want to learn about the plugin creation process and what exactly goes into making one great, besure to give it a read.

Heroic FAQs, the latest plugin release from the folks over at HeroThemes, offers simple but powerful management for frequently answered questions. While the concept of an FAQ page is almost as old as the web itself, with Heroic FAQs the time involved in setting one up is diminished greatly which leaves you with more time to work on your product and less time handling support. Chris Mooney was willing to answer my questions about the creation of Heroic FAQs.

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