How to Turn Your Customers into Affiliates

Finding good affiliates and getting them onboard can be one of the trickier parts of running a successful affiliate program. A great place to look that’s often missed, is your existing customer base.

The article below will show you how best to turn your existing who already use understand your product into affiliates, from approaching the right customers to making sign ups as easy as possible, and more. A good source of loyal affiliates is key to a successful marketing program, so be sure to check it out.

When looking for the right people for your affiliate program, you may find that they’re right in front of you; in fact, existing customers can make some of the best affiliates!

But, how do you approach the subject and actually get them on board? In this post, we talk about converting customers to affiliates, so you don’t miss out on untapped potential – and they don’t miss out on affiliate opportunities!

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