Plugin Developer Stories: Post to Google My Business by Koen Reus

Post to Google My Business is a plugin designed to help make using Google My Business as easy as possible. It has a lot of features to help you customize how it works, and tracking as well so you can see how your posts perform.

Below is an interview with the creator, Koen Reus, who answers questions about the plugin and it’s creation. They cover how he got started with WordPress, what exactly the plugin does, some of the trials of building it, and what features are planned for it next. There’s plenty more to unpack if you’re interested in the plugin creation process, so be sure to check it out below.

Before Koen Reus, the developer of the Post to Google My Business plugin, contacted me I didn’t know much about the My Business service at all. Koen was nice enough to explain what Google My Business is as well as discuss how he got started building a WordPress plugin that integrates with it, the pitfalls he ran into during that process and what he is doing to market and sell a premium version of the plugin to customers.

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