Plugin Developer Stories: GFChart by Ben Ramsden

GFChart is a helpful extension for the Gravity Forms WordPress plugin, that allows you to take the data from your Gravity Forms submissions and turn it into visual charts to more easily understand the information.

Below is an interview with the owner of the plugin, Ben Ramsden. He talks about how he got into selling WordPress plugins, how the idea formed for the extension, pricing decisions, and more. There’s some helpful information here for developers to unpack, as well as a look at future plans for the GFChart plugin.

GFChart is the first WordPress plugin I’ve posted about here that is an extension for Gravity Forms. This plugin lets you take all of the information you collect from Gravity Form submissions through your site and present the data in a visual way for your visitors or yourself. Ben Ramsden, the owner of GFChart, answered my questions about how he found himself selling a WordPress plugin as a non-developer, what it is like to build a product dependent on Gravity Forms for success and some really interesting discussion about how he prices his plugin.

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