Plugin Developer Stories: GD Knowledge Base Pro [Interview]

GD Knowledge Base Pro is a WordPress plugin designed to help you easily create documentation, user guides, and other similar pages for your WordPress website. It has a ton of features and great integration with WordPress, really making the whole process smoother and easier.

Below is an interview with Milan Petrovic, the creator of the plugin. They cover his WordPress history, the origin of the plugic, marketing tactics, how he overcame some of the challenges of creating plugins, and more. He closes with a bit about the next big update as well, so if you’re interested in the plugin, be sure to check it out.

WordPress seems like a natural fit for people looking to build out knowledge bases and documentation for their projects, clients or reference materials. GD Knowledge Base Pro makes that process even easier by offering a suite of features and tools that lets you construct a knowledge base fit to exactly meet your needs and requirements. Milan Petrovic, from Dev4Press, was kind enough to take some time explaining how his plugin came to be.

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