How to Rank Sites #1 on Google to Start Earning Money

Google ranking are a huge deal for a successful website. While there are certainly other ways to get noticed, a large portion of traffic tends to come from search engines.

The article below talks about how to get your sites to rank highly by showing off a lot of well ranked sites and the techniques used to get them there. The article focuses on sites created to rank high and then rent out links to other websites, which can be a great way to earn some money if you already have the website building skills. But whatever your website, learning to rank high on search engines like Google is a key part of success.

Today I’m going to talk about part of my “empire” and reveal a number of my own websites which I rank in Google and then set-up to loan to other companies.

This tactic of ranking websites in various industries – with the plan to give the traffic you receive to other businesses – is commonly referred to as Rank and Rent.

I’ve been utilising this tactic since 2012 and despite how many people were telling me it was saturated back then (don’t people say that about everything?) it still works very well today in 2017.

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