Plugin Developer Stories: PixelRockstar by Vita Valka

PixelRockstar is a WordPress plugin designed to provide easy access to quality images for use in your articles and other WordPress content.

Below is an interview with Vita Valka, one of the people behind the plugin. They answer questions about where the idea came from, how they got users, where they get the images their service provides, pricing choices, and more. They close with a quick look into what’s next for the plugin, so be sure to check it out if you’re interested.

PixelRockstar attempts to solve these problems with a unique plugin that gives you access to a stock photography catalog directly inside of WordPress. Photos are purchased with a simple credit system and all have proper licenses to avoid confusion or legal concerns.

Vita Valka, one of the team members behind PixelRockstar, answered my questions about the plugin’s initial creation, challenges the team has run into during development and about the plugin’s unique pricing structure.

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