How to Sell Video Online with WordPress [Guide]

Video is a huge market, and one that only continues to grow and to dominate internet searches. This makes it a great choice for a digital product to sell, but with the wealth of free video from sources such as YouTube, making videos to sell requires the right approach.

The article below offers advice for pricing, distribution and more, going over different types of videos and other considerations to help you determine where to sell your video content and how to maximize your revenue.

With YouTube ranking as the second largest search engine in the world, video has become a digital content juggernaut, with projections that it will grow to make up over 80% of internet traffic by 2021. Content creators build entire businesses, brands, livelihoods, and legacies off of video, providing eager audiences with easily-consumable content that engages the senses even more than audio or visual content alone. And as modern culture shifts more and more toward digital life, video continues to be an effective way for people to pursue education, self-development, community, and entertainment. Are you ready to start selling your own videos? In this post we’ve created a quick guide to the basics, so you can get things going with confidence!

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