Plugin Developer Stories: Iconic by James Kemp

Not just a single plugin, Iconic by James Kemp is a whole suite of plugins created for WooCommerce, adding a range of functionality such as wishlists, product color choices, product bundles, and much more.

Below is an interview with James, who answers questions about how he got started in WordPress, how he made the switch to selling from his own store, how he’s been successful building plugins based off of another, third-party plugin, and more. He offers some marketing tips for other plugin creators as well, and closes with his plans for the future.

Iconic offers quite a few plugins designed to improve WooCommerce-powered store fronts. The founder of Iconic, James Kemp, answered my questions about how he got started building WooCommerce plugins, what his switch away from Envato’s CodeCanyon was like and the hazards (and advantages) of building a plugin business reliant on a third-party product.

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