Should Freelancers Invest in Building an Audience?

It’s a well known fact that for a freelance business to succeed, you need clients. However, is it really worth spending a lot of your time working to grow an audience, rather than pitching to clients on an as-needed basis?

The article below aims to answer that question, as well as providing advice on how to grow an audience efficiently. While you need to avoid spending too much time on audience building instead of working for those clients, having a strong base to draw work from can be great boon.

However, the exact same higher-touch lead generation and nurturing strategies enterprise companies use can be used by you, even if you’re solo. There’s a lot about effective audience building that we can learn from enterprise leaders who have lead generation and nurturing down to a science.

Ready to start playing the long game? I’ve got 3 core truths to start with (that many of us learned the hard way).

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