How to Make $3,000,000 a Year Helping People

Teaching can be a rewarding profession, and it can be highly lucrative as well. The internet is a great place to do it, with online courses making upwards of seven figures.

The article below goes through several cases of people who have made very solid livings teaching courses and creating instructional content for a wide variety of different things. From general profession to specific coding languages, or even a specific pieces of software, it aims to show you how to identify valuable teaching opportunities in the market and leverage them to make a solid living of your own.

A large portion of the training was focused on an SEO blogger named Aaron Wall, who had turned his blog readers into raving fans paying him $50 to $100 per month for access to his private forum on the same topic. To this day Aaron still makes an estimated $50,000/m from the forum.

Though I never got full access to the Teaching Sells course, the premise was clear: Earn the trust of your audience by giving away most of your knowledge for free, and then charge for it all to be packaged nicely in one place, often with additional insights.

It’s a formula that worked very well 10 years ago, and still works incredibly well today.

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