Plugin Developer Stories: Prevent Direct Access by Tim Alan

File security is an important thing to prioritize as a website owner, and plugins can be a great help with keeping things secure. The Prevent Direct Access WordPress plugin can help with this by giving you better control over how files can be accessed and downloaded.

Below is an interview with David Hg, from BWPS, the creators of the plugin. He talks about the early development of the plugin, overcoming technical challenges in the early stages, how they built their user base, and more. If you’re looking to build a plugin of your own, learning from other successful plugins is a great way to give yourself an edge.

File security is an issue for a lot of digital product developers and online marketers. With Prevent Direct Access, WordPress site owners can restrict access to their files from prying eyes with a wide host of customization options through a simple interface.

David Hg, from BWPS, took some time to answer my questions about their plugin. We discuss his background in WordPress, how development of Prevent Direct Access began and the ups and downs that happened with trying to successfully sell and market the plugin.

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