8 Ways to Get Better Clients & Start Charging More

Getting clients is essential to keep a freelance business running, but it isn’t always easy. Particularly finding quality clients you enjoy working with, and who will pay well for your services.

The article below is all about attracting these better and higher paying clients. It focuses primarily on making yourself a more attractive choice to a more focused set of clients, by finding a specialty and making yourself an authority in your field. It has eight key steps to offer, so make sure to read the whole thing below.

Here are the eight changes I made in my freelance business to stop being just another choice and become the only choice for my ideal clients:

1. Select a specialty.

2. Differentiate yourself.

3. Create a signature system.

4. Add valuable bonuses.

5. Create a website about your clients.

6. Leverage story-driven case studies and testimonials.

7. Position yourself as an authority.

8. Be seen consistently.

Let’s look at each of these strategies in more detail.

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