The Ultimate Guide to Selling WordPress Plugins & Themes

The WordPress market is a big place. While this has its advantages, most notably the large customer base, it certainly comes with its own challenges. The market is crowded, and this can make it difficult to stand out and get the attention your products need to thrive.

The article below is aimed at helping you sell your WordPress plugins and themes. The in-depth guide helps tackle the challenges of the crowded market and far more, from determining how niche to go, to finding your overall business model, product trails, platform choice, and more. It’s a lengthy read, but it’s packed full of information to help make your product launch a success.

Gone are the days in which you could wrap a few PHP functions into a WordPress plugin or even quickly convert a PSD file into a generic WordPress theme and successfully sell them as an end product to thousands of site owners.

Even though the WordPress’ market share only keeps growing – in today’s market, this does not fly. There’s just too much competition out there for selling WordPress plugins and themes, and the average customer now knows exactly what they’re looking for and is less likely to buy a pig in a poke. Here’s how to do it right!

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