The Ultimate Guide on How to Bill Your Clients [Guide]

Any freelance or client based business is rather quickly going to run into the issue of billing. While this can be a somewhat simple task, there are certain considerations regarding how best to handle the style of timing or billing your clients.

From whether to bill for time or on a per-project basis, to how often to actually send out your bills, to article below aims to help you decide how best to handle the billing for your business. It covers various options one at a time, providing plenty of advice to help you work out what system is the best fit for you.

Today I’d like to, once and for all, answer a question that I’ve been asked hundreds of times.

“Brennan, how should I bill my clients?”

Hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, per feature, per project. There seem to be a limitless number of ways to charge your clients. In this post, I’ll overview the pros and cons of each, and end with my recommendations.

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