Plugin Developer Stories: Charitable by Eric Daams

WordPress is an incredibly versatile platform you can make just about anything with, particularly given its wide array of plugins. One such plugin is Charitable, designed to make running a fundraising campaign easy with its wide array of its payment management and fundraising features.

Below is an interview with its creator, Eric Daams. He covers several topics such as his background in WordPress, the plugin’s growth and design decisions across various stages of its development, and advice for others getting into to plugin scene.

Charitable is a popular WordPress plugin developed for creating fundraising campaigns. It has a robust feature set that lets you get started quickly and then expand its capabilities through extensions to further meet your fundraising needs.

Eric Daams, the co-creator of Charitable, answered my questions about his background in WordPress, the beginnings of the plugin, sponsored development (a new topic here at The Plugin Economy) and his various attempts at finding the right pricing structure to fit Charitable’s customers.

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