Plugin Developer Stories: JetSloth by Blaz Robar

Gravity Forms in a powerful and popular WordPress plugin built for easily making forms. While it has a lot of features on its own, it’s also expandible with additional plugins and add-ons. JetSloth is a company focused on making these extension plugins, designed to make creation and management of forms even easier.

Below is an interview with one of its members, Blaz Robar. He talks about everything from how they started up, marketing decisions they’ve made, and more. They also talk about helpful advice for anyone starting up a plugin business of their own, so if you’re thinking about getting into the market, be sure to give it a read.

We’re talking to Blaz Robar, from JetSloth, who makes Gravity Forms plugins for WordPress designed to help improve the end-user experience and make the mundane tasks of maintaining and editing forms faster and easier.

Blaz talks to me about how JetSloth got started (and how they chose that name), how the ideas for all of their plugins came about, building a Gravity Forms-focused business, the ups and downs of their marketing and more.

This clocks in as one of the longest interviews here on The Plugin Economy so I want to thank Blaz for taking all of this time to answer my questions so thoroughly.

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