How the TranslatePress WordPress Plugin Makes $10,000/mo. with a  Freemium Business Model

TranslatePress is a WordPress plugin designed to make translating your website and its content into a wide variety of languages as easy as possible. It’s a highly successful plugin, pulling in over 10k a month.

The article below talks about how they’ve achieved this success, covering various aspects of how it started and grew. One of the major focuses of the article if their choice to use a freemium pricing model, and how you might be able to use a similar model to grow your own products.

Our journey building multilingual websites started in the days when we were doing custom WordPress development. Our projects varied from simple presentation sites with a few pages to complex multilingual setups that needed ongoing development and maintenance.

While there were quite a few WordPress multilingual solutions out there, we weren’t happy with their added complexity and translation workflow (non-visual, out of context, found in multiple places).

Key Takeaways

  • The key to turning TranslatePress into a sustainable business was to get as lmany users as possible using the free version.TranslatePress makes over $10,000/ month. The free core plugin is installed on more than 30,000 sites.
  • Revenue growth is a result of the growing number of free users and their favorable reviews plus that it has been around for one and a half years now and more people see it as an easier alternative to existing solutions.
  • The core oplugin is free and elets users translate a WordPress site without any limitations.

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