WordPress Plugin & Theme Developers: Raise Your Prices!

Offering your plugins for low prices, or even free, can make a lot of sense. It’s a good way to get a lot of customers. But when you stop and consider how valuable your plugin might be to its purchaser: how much time and effort it saves them, they’re often worth quite a large amount of money.

This articles further drives this point with real numbers, showing you just how much your plugins might actually be worth.

Here’s what I know. These prices are all way too low. I set aside a budget of $2000 a year for plugins that help me make money. The last several years I’ve not spent it. Know why? Because the market keeps pushing these prices down. And the message is wrong, because eventually some folks are just going to look at doing something else.

Even if you were going to trade hours for dollars, which I don’t recommend – you’d never pay that little! WordPress plugin prices are too low.

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