Why Recurring Revenue is Good for WordPress Businesses

For any kind of business, at least some amount of recurring revenue is an important thing to have, and WordPress is no exception. It helps add a degree of predictability to your income.

The article below goes into its importance in more detail, as well as highlighting some key things to keep in mind for maintaining a stream of recurring revenue.

Recurring revenue isn’t a complex phrase – it simply suggests a longer-term relationship with a client beyond a single transaction. Instead, the relationship continues because the pricing model isn’t a one-time deal. Instead, it happens at regular intervals (monthly, quarterly, yearly).

Here’s the thing I love about recurring revenue. It’s easily predictable. And predictable revenue is good. It lets you plan. It helps you invest in future efforts. It provides what you need to pay your support.

Predictable and constant revenue allows you to offer something most customers really want: support and an engaging experience (beyond the sale).

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