5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Release a Premium WordPress Plugin [List]

Once you’ve developed a plugin, or if you plan to, making money from it is likely one of your prime goals. Releasing a paid, premium plugin is the most obvious way to do this, and a lot of times it can be a good option.

However, there are also many cases in which it isn’t such a great idea. Here’s an article that explains some of these cases, and presents some alternative ideas that might be better for you.

When I write “premium WordPress plugins” I’m simply talking about a plugin you charge for.  And when I say you’d be wrong, I’m saying that I don’t always believe monetizing the plugin itself is the right course of action.

Now I’m not saying they’re bad or that I’m against any of the ones out there. After all, I’ve bought many and there are some that I think are significantly under-priced.

What I’m really saying is that there are different business models to consider, and even beyond that, different things you might value that would dictate whether you should commercialize your plugin.

So with all that, here are five reasons you shouldn’t release a premium WordPress plugin, and instead give it to the community for free.

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